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  • Sounds like a fun class! I have to do a bit of filming in my creative media course, but I think it's more based around full length movies and trailers as opposed to TV shows. It does help he's a good friend of mine, I wouldn't want to see him do badly, especially because of me! Ok then! Skype is my least used IM program though, if I do something and close all my IM programs I often forget to restart skype. While MSN is my most used I prefer AIM. I'll probably be working tomorrow too, hopefully I make more progress in the evening than I did with most of today :p
    Is it an extra-curriculum, or part of one of your classes? Well it wouldn't be fair to ruin somebody else's education would it? :p If I mess up on a solo project only I'm affected so it's not as bad, though I do try to avoid messing up. He's also my partner in animation so I work harder in that lecture too, hell if all my classes were co-operative work I'd be doing really well!

    Thanks! Fortunately I still have tomorrow and some of tuesday to get it together. Also feel free to add me on some sort of IM program I have, even if I won't be on that computer until after college tomorrow.
    A news show? That's pretty awesome! While I don't need to have this finished by tomorrow, it would have been a good idea. I'm going to finish the section on censorship on the internet and then go to bed. It's only fair that I get the two topics I have to put in the presentation first, because if I don't, my project partner would suffer for it!
    Well it's late and I have college in the morning, and I've spent most of today doing an essay which isn't going well as I still have a few more topics to cover and I'm already over the word limit. But given both of those... I don't feel stressed, if anything I'm somewhat relaxed :p
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