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    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    boosts this into outer space maybe
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    Character Design Suggestions?

    I'm not actually certain how I ended up with that color, actually. That's definitely part of the changes I wanna make though, hahah.
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    Character Design Suggestions?

    I'm working on a cast of characters for a comic I plan to start soon. I want the designs to be solid before I start, so I'd love to get feedback on them as I work on them. I'm updating from pre-existing designs. Mostly I want to be able to make all my characters have differing faces even if...
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    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    updated prices and stuff. just kinda lookin for some work for when i move into my new place!
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    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    juuust gonna bump this since i think it's approved now?
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    (CLOSED) Newbie wanting to get some dragon art.

    Hey! I can totally do this for the price you're looking for. Follow the link in my signature for the full prices!
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    LF ref sheet for new 'sona (up to $125-$150)

    Hey there! I absolutely love goats!! I'd really like to work on this character, and I think I can offer a unique style for you to work with. You can check out my prices in my signature (or here, alternatively) And I'll just throw you a couple of drawings of goat-like characters I've done for...
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    does lolly is gay?

    does lolly is gay?
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    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    Note I will draw nsfw, but I won't draw any kink that sexualizes minorities or children. (Things like F*ta and Lolicon aren't acceptable.) I prefer to be paid upfront, but we can negotiate the method of which payment is dispersed. I'm flexible on this one. Paypal only though. If you want...
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    Reference sheet for female drow

    Hi there. I can paint at this level of detail easily. Depending on how many views you require, I could do something between 100 and 200. My basic ref sheet at fully painted costs about $120 and involves a front and side view along with three sketched facial expressions. A good reference of what...
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    LTB: Animated Icon

    http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/050/7/0/edrianthing_by_kaewaii-d7722ph.gif This is just a simple one I did for my roleplay blog a while back. and...hm.. let me see what else I have... http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/054/8/3/boomsday2_by_kaewaii-d77ncda.gif something from...
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    LTB: Animated Icon

    Hey man, I actually happen to be an animation student! I also have icons as one of my commission slots, for an animated one I could easily do it for the same price as my RP Pack 1- $8.
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    Detailed Reference Sheets

    Hey, I'd be willing to work with you on these! I actually have a commission type on my FA page that is for this specific thing. I'm a character designer as a specialty, and this project sounds like a lot of fun! I'll send you a PM about it on FA since you seem to prefer that, but the link to my...
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    Looking to expand my character's gallery!

    Hey! My commission prices can be seen here. You can message me if you want to commission me! I'm actually really fast, so It definitely won't be a month, haha.