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  • When friends leave you, never forget the good times.
    RIP Jeff, you dick I never said goodbye...
    Haha! I'm the same person, I promise. I changed my name because my first name was stolen from a metalcore band that changed their name to Norma Jean. To explain, my name translates to "Deer Snowstorm," Eyal meaning "deer" or "gazelle" and you know where the "Flurry" part plays in, of course.

    Heh, sorry for the confusion, bro. Lol
    The reason is that I think fungi are interesting. It's actually an alt-sona. My main fursona is a puma.
    Got it. I'll let him down easy.

    Also, glad to have helped. You're a pretty cool guy to talk to. =)
    Yeah. I guess that's the safest thing to do. But I can't do that to the poor kid. He probably just needs someone to talk to. But then again, I have my own life to get back to.


    I'm gonna have to think about it for a while.
    Aaaaand.... that's also what I've been trying to get him to do. But I don't think it's Penile Curiosity. He's been... Well... 'Fantasizing' about Men for a while now, and now the poor kid is Enamoured with me. Even though I keep telling him 'We're seperated by 1,000 miles of water, we're both strapped for cash and our parents would never agree to letting their son travel halfway around the world all by himself to see one guy', he's still head-over-heels in love with me.

    I'd say he's having an Identity Crisis. A pretty big one, by the looks of it.
    You see, that's the problem. I've tried talking him through it, but he's stubborn as fuck. And he's always asking for my guidance because 'I've gone through it too.' No, I bloody-well haven't! I just kissed a guy and accepted who I was ever since.

    It's slightly irritating, actually. But I'm highly inclined to help through it. Damn conscience...
    To be perfectly honest, they're good and bad. It's 'Good' because I've just asked my boyfriend to move in with me and it's really great to have him close to me. And it's 'Bad' because Kosdu is going through a Mental Breakdown of sorts, and it's sending me into a loop. He's having trouble connecting with his Gay side, and he's calling to me for help. I'm doing the best I can, but it's starting to get tiring. l=/
    It's perfectly okay, Kijha. I get this sometimes also. But instead of drinking and finding friends, I lock myself in solitary confinement and argue with my own mind for about 3 hours. It's okay to talk to someone about it, even if it's someone you barely know.
    Ah, okay. Yeah, she's good. One day when I have the money I'll pay her for one myself. :p
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