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  • Honestly, I imagine it'll be underwhelming, he'll just sort of fizzle out, or abandon the cause.
    But we can all hope for a shitstorm.
    That is good! FAF is a pretty good forum and as long as you aren't a "murry purry furreh" :V anyone should be fine here lol.
    Right from the minute I read the OP, I already knew which route the thread was going to take.
    All in all, the reason I'm lurking now is since it's a bit like a train-wreck. Awful to watch, but oddly fascinating.

    And hi! I do suppose it is. How are you? C:
    Awh. <33
    well it's nice to fund such interestIng peoples as you, Hun. =D
    Well, truth be told, the writing community here is very fractured and not much of a community at all. But by all means, make threads in the Bloc, discuss other threads, critique peoples' works, and so on. We could use participation from more people who aren't me.
    That's just too awesome. They do have some amazing art usually metaphorically too, which makes it doubly awesome.
    Can't help but gush a bit about Tool, freaking fantastic Maynard's Godlike for sure. I'm stoked (once again) to actually meet a fellow furry who loves Tool, you sir have made my day, lol. Anyways right on, music is a major part of my life, so awesome. Nice pic you look cool, I wish I could get the courage to post my pic of myself, XD maybe someday.
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