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  1. Kaiva

    Musicians: Plug here! (Take 2)

    thanks for plugging me, i really appreciate that, and if you dont mind, although my username is easily recognized i would also like my artist alias to be listed,it is 'One70Three'. as for the genre... i have no idea, i geuss it is something like techno trance ambient and electronica smashed...
  2. Kaiva

    I think I might be gay D:

    Well thats pretty easy watch lesbian porn (no males involved) : got a boner? yes = +6 | no = 0 watch gay porn (no females involved) : got a boner? yes = +4 | no = 0 0 = Porn isn't your thing 4 = your probably gay 6 = your probably straight 10 = Your Bi, and thats awesome! if your stuck with 0...
  3. Kaiva

    FA Toolbar?

    seconded, I already abuse URLs enough as is, why not shove em into a neatly packaged bookmark folder :D or i could just fail at making a toolbar i have no need for. at least its an idea *shrugs* my ideas are too ambitious so i don't bother lol
  4. Kaiva

    Serious Suggestion on Servers ^^

    I'm sure its the best they can manage, last I heard finances for FA upkeep were very tight.
  5. Kaiva

    User Page Layouts

    I like this idea, option to ignore custom layouts is great for those who don't like the idea and it would be nice to add your own touch to your userpage. If possible, it would be interesting to see backgrounds used in a limited sense... say, only 300x300 max and only a few kb, externally...
  6. Kaiva

    Forum Bugs, Quirks & Themes

    "�" should be © I'm so useful! /sarcasm
  7. Kaiva

    FA TEST FORUMS - Testers Wanted!

    The Lack of an actual © symbol? ( c ) looks kinda unprofessional
  8. Kaiva

    FA TEST FORUMS - Testers Wanted!

    Ok so it is a clickthrough kinda thing, I'll try to make a habit of clicking at them at random :3 already have adblock disabled for the new forums now
  9. Kaiva

    FA TEST FORUMS - Testers Wanted!

    Quick question: I use Firefox with adblock plus, I will make an effort to unblock ads on FA and the new forums, but I know that simply loading them into my cache does nothing, I do have to click on them for them to make any payout for the site right? I'm a little naive when it comes to ad...
  10. Kaiva


    I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet (thread is f***'n long) if so, just delete this post or whatever you guys do. Could new donations maybe be used toward replacing the current servers/whatever with unix based servers running flood detection type things that might possibly make the...
  11. Kaiva

    Why FA was down, but is up again now

    In that case I think I will continue my usual FA usage without worry, while I wait for the update. Hopefully they can reach an agreement or something without incident...
  12. Kaiva

    Why FA was down, but is up again now

    MY thoughts exactly, not too many of us realise that FA has a STAFF of individuals who make the site what it is that and the "code ninjas" do seem to keep a very very low profile, so I'm not surprised you guys get overlooked so much but if its worth anything, I appreciate the work the code...
  13. Kaiva

    Um WTF!?

    I second that ^ ^ *returns to lurker mode* > >
  14. Kaiva

    FA Down?

    I just now got that same message, before that I got some crazy Apex server blue page Is there a thread with info about this "hostile takeover" I'd like to know just what the hell is going on... :/
  15. Kaiva

    FA Down?

    I am also getting a giant blank nothingness, its like all FA is just blank URLs or something, any link I click thats inside FA is just... nothingness O-o