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    Random and/or pointless facts?

    It's illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while you're sitting on a curb in St. Louis Over 2500 left handed people a year are killed from using products made for right handed people
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    how many ways can you die?

    Having your neck sliced open by the blade on the end of a iceskate Two Words: Avada Kedavra (Can't believe no one said it yet)
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    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    It's not like Mormons don't believe in God or Jesus. And that in technicality is a Christian. See article Wikipedia article on Mormonism I really don't care, just proving my point.
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    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    I really don't know anymore, but I am Mormon, thus Protestant, thus Christian. (Going through one of those "questioning my beliefs and who I am" stages.)
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    Random and/or pointless facts?

    I like Cheerios!
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    Sexy Videogame characters

    Bastila from KOTOR Samus from Metroid Cortana from Halo 2/3 (I didn't like her appearance in the first one) Fran from FFXII (*drools*) Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
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    What game got you started?

    Don't remember but I think either Star Fox or Mario
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    Is your avatar gender your gender in real life?

    Not quite sure because I haven't really "found" my fursona, but it will probably be male and I am male (my forum name lies)
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    in my pants game

    I Wanna Love You in my pants I'm Not Jesus in my pants(okay then) Before He Cheats in my pants What I Want in my pants Sandstorm in my pants Through Fire And Flames in my pants Don't Turn Off The Lights in my pants Hero in my pants Paralyzer in my pants Ten Ton Brick in my pants Girl...
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    What do you have in your pockets?

    pencil, card with tech info on the F-16 Falcon, lint, a serial for Creative Suite 3, and some "papers"
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    Who here has pets?

    I have 1 dog, 7 cats (3 are kittens), and 2 horses.
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    Favorite animated movie?

    Two questions: 1. Shouldn't this be in The Tube forum? 2. What? No Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?
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    Top 11 best films

    I no particular order: - Star Wars 3-6 (5 is best) - Star Trek 1-10 - Tron - The Last Starfighter - Top Gun - Indiana Jones 1-3 - The Godfather - The Matrix (Only first one) - 300 - Lord of the Rings 1-3 - Blade Runner
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    Furry instincts...

    I almost always walk on my tiptoes, I growl when I'm angry, I howl at times, I murr when I'm happy, and I like to perch, sorta....
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    What did you get called at school?

    Let's see.... Hump-a-tree - Due to last name of Humphreys Trekkie Geek Nerd Super-Smart Kid - My personal favorite Nobody Loser Loner Postal-Kid - No idea how this one came up Poser As you can see, Not the most popular kid in school....