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    Account Problem: Underage user, reported by multiple people and is still using the site.

    Myself and a few other people I know have reported an 11 year old user who is not only too young to be on FA but is also entering contracts with adults, selling art and fursuits, which is illegal. The admins have ignored the issue thus far. I do not want to publically post the name of the user...
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    I make sock paws starting at $70 w/o pawpads or claws for the pads and claws I'd suggest phazonalloy's silicon pawpads and resin claws which including shipping is $38 so the final price would be 108 +shipping. theyre very light and small and machine washable, but only for indoor use.
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    what u think of this yiff?

    i dont understand what you mean, could you please use words better?
  4. Kaluna

    what u think of this yiff?

    UHM PLZ GUISE STAY ON TOPIC if you cant offer critique dont say anything i cant stand when peoples derail my thread
  5. Kaluna

    what u think of this yiff?

    Thats not critique, plz stay on topic kthx
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    what u think of this yiff?

    i drew my best pictur ever i will start taking porn commissions now, i really feel ready what do you guys think of this? still need to color and shade it http://d.facdn.net/art/zomiee/1372468376.zomiee_hotyiff.jpg (NSFW!)
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    Looking for a reference sheet UNDER $50

    My ref sheets start at $30 for 3 views and two extras which could be headshots, feral forms, etc. Here's an example of a ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10825482/ Here's my gallery if you want to see examples of my male/more muscular anthros: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/zomiee/
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    Hiring-Couples icon!

    My couples icons are $10 ($5 each) Here's some examples: check out my gallery for more recent examples of my work. http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/zomiee/
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    Critique much wanted!

    That's a really good point. Pretty funny because I changed her eyes to be like you showed them during the stream at one point, and ask the commissioner if she liked that better because it looked less derp......but the commissioner said that their character is a derp puppy and wanted her...
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    Thoughts on Perfectionism

    I feel like that A LOT. But as Arshes said, that thread and the book Art & Fear, which I started reading recently have been some of the things motivating me. Also the realization that many artist struggle with the same things helps me to realize that it really is just fear. I've been trying to...
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    Sometimes it's better to give up on an illustration that give you trouble ...

    This......this is advice i really need to take to heart. I definitely have the problem of reworking and reworking things until I'm so frustrated that I don't even want to draw anymore.
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    Kaluna does art!

    Hey there, just checking in to say that I'm still open, and also that I'll be offering many new kind of badges soon. First up is coffee. It's $15 for unique character lineart and a junkfood of your choosing. They come shaded and with a RGB web sized version and a massive 300dpi CMYK version for...
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    5 Chibi Charr

    I'm sorry that I mentioned my group discount. I read your post from the very beginning and I know that you want a different artist for each Charr, but I always offer a discount for multiple purchases, and I always mention it to potential customers. I really hope you won't just ignore me because...
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    Critique much wanted!

    Finished the coffee badge: And heres more sketches for badges on the same theme. The theme being drugs, obviously. XP
  15. Kaluna

    Hello! I am making a fursuit head (progress shown). Critique?

    @Kiu: I've been researching different ways to make the eyes glossy and covered, and I finally found something this past month that's perfect. Just cut up the top part of a clear 2 liter soda bottle. I don't have any pics yet, but it looks even better than the boiled vinyl tablecloth that I've...