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    RT Mixed Sketchbook

    I'm not sure how qualified I am to be giving advice, but the left arm should be longer; even with the right, being they are in similar positions and the forearms should be a bit more contoured. They look sort like puffed tubes as of now. Other than that it seems to be on it's way!
  2. Kalvo

    Kalvo's Music thread

    Update! It's been a few fruitless, uninspired days of music composing, so I just thought I'd stop by with an update. I got a lot of school and stuff, plus my band is preparing for a performance at the school so I will not be working on this music as much as I'd like to. Until this blows over...
  3. Kalvo

    New Girl on the Block

    Welcome! Be sure to do a lot of lurking to get accustomed to how things work, but other than that, I hope you enjoy it here!
  4. Kalvo

    Kalvo's Music thread

    Alrighty, I'll keep those things in mind for my next piece. Thank you
  5. Kalvo

    Kalvo's Music thread

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try to make a more ravey piece next time ! x3
  6. Kalvo

    Kalvo's Music thread

    Yeah I realized the distaste in the hi-hat, but not until I posted it and listened on another device, my iPod. I changed it now; the bass is more "thumpy" and I changed the hihat to a closed hihat with a different feel. I also messed with the EQ to improve the levels...
  7. Kalvo

    Kalvo's Music thread

    Stringing from the idea of Eyal, I thought that instead of spamming up the forum with threads for each thing I do, I might as well start a progress thread of my own, where I will post my musical submissions in the hopes that I can receive criticism and advice on said submissions, so I'll start...
  8. Kalvo

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    Re: What instruments do you play? I couldn't imagine if one of my babies (cough, i mean Basses) broke. x]
  9. Kalvo

    Using Your Parents As A Guide?

    Honestly, my fursona doesn't really have any of my features anyway (other than the dark eyes), so no. Never really thought of mixing "Parent fursonas" to get mine.
  10. Kalvo

    Positioning of tablet on your desk

    I have an old, falling apart, cheap wooden desk. Hopefully when I get my PC moved to my room, I'll get a better setup going on. But that Lightboard idea is pretty sweet.
  11. Kalvo


    Welcome Cracked. Hope you find what you're looking for here. I haven't yet met any other furs in real life, nor have I ever considered the possibility of a meet, or con. And the only furry thing I actually have is the amateur art that I made myself.
  12. Kalvo

    A Dubstep-ish demo - Critique?

    Thanks again, I've been working with it and am beginning to understand what the controls do. I'll hopefully have something soon to show for it!
  13. Kalvo

    The new SimCity

    I play the game mainly alone, but I still find it fairly enjoyable. Fortunately, I bought it around the 11th of March, and I never had any server problems. The only thing I don't like is the "Having to wait for transactions to go through the server" even when I play alone. Like it takes anywhere...
  14. Kalvo

    Positioning of tablet on your desk

    I really like your setup. That, and you're desk is so much neater than mine. x] Also, the Minecraft mouse pad made me chuckle. Nice.
  15. Kalvo

    A Dubstep-ish demo - Critique?

    Thanks for the advice, and well, I'm using 3xosc as my main synth, and I didn't tweak it much, but I'll work more on that. I'll also rethink my transition for the drop. I'm still new to the concept, being a traditional musician, and all these buttons and controls are a bit much for me, but I'll...