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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    Mmhmn. I confess, the background was smeared up in ~10 minutes or so, which obviously was a poor idea at my behalf - apparently, it detracts alot from the image, and ends up more of a distracting element that would be better off not added in at all. I'll sit down and do it again, from scratch...
  2. Kampfisken

    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    Thank you, Arshes! :D I've seen Frazetta's works before, but never such a comprehensive gallery. I think I shimmied through all of them - he were a great artist. The whole Hide and Seek technique is interesting - something I need to experiment more with. I gave it a go (Kinda), as well as...
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    What about your favourite game...?

    It must be made by ID software And the prefix must be Doom.
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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    Shameless bump! (Not really. :V) (NSFW. Bad me. D: ) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3847316 So, I've taken things a bit in over me, and tried to correct the following; Fixed the anti-grav boobage, and tried to make less lumpy hair, though it's obvious that still needs a whole lot of more...
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    League of Legends

    Prrfbl, Cho'Gath all the way. :3 You playin' the US or European version?
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    Human Anatomy Help

    Buy "Anatomy for the artist" by Sarah Gimblet. It's got everything you need to know, and then some!
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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    H'ockay, studies have been keeping me busy, but I try to get some time every now and then for scetches and whatnot. :V Been working a bit on hair, even though it irks me. (Cropped for the sake of the sanctity of your mind, but still mature. >_>) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3788357/...
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    Looking for Redlines/Critique for Mature Art

    I can help you out, if you'd like, with some feedback - promise to not distribute anything you might show me. :3
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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    Mmhm. I think I got a bit too tangled up in the details - looking over it now, it's as if I changed my mind about the light source three times, as I were working my way around the body. CARDINAL SIN, and you're absolutely correct! ;>
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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    H'ockay, I did get quite a bit of good feedback from here and there, and have corrected a few minor mistakes - although most of the comments have been noted down, as things I need to work on. I'd rather see the changes from picture to picture, than polish and polish a single work for ages...
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    Under estimated.

    :V People dun' dare underestimate me. Not that there's many left around to do that - moved out at the age of seventeen, and me and my friends are rather relaxed - we don't really weight each other up and down. =P I skipped seventh grade, and attended Norway's premiere university when I moved...
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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    I agree - yeah, hair has always been an enemy of mine. I guess I need to practice more, it's just always a hazzle getting it to float naturally. =P
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    crush content in video games?

    Doom 1 && Doom 2. OH MURR IMP SLUSH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSyMeqPWRus Not.
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    Digital Doodles? Could use some feedback!

    So, hurr durr, yeah. :> I've always been fond of drawing, though I've never concidered myself an artist (My definition of that word seems to differ from that used by everybody else - I'm just a bit picky about what I dare redeem as "Art", but that's a digression. :V), littering my path through...
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    Second Life Scripting

    LSL is a pretty basic language. What is he trying to script, and what does he need? :V