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    The Kangaroo's sketchbook of sketched stuff and such!

    I gotta dust this place off! Here are some sketches!
  2. Kangamutt

    Suggested reading for a starter drawer?

    I'd give this a listen. It isn't a how-two for drawing, but there's a ton of great advice in this for starting out in art and drawing. This guy has a ton of other great podcasts to listen to. Other bits of advice, interviews with artists. Man vs. Art
  3. Kangamutt

    Help!! Photoshop CC being stupid...

    Also check if you accidentally changed the blending mode on your brush or layer. That sometimes makes your marks appear transparent, when they're just interacting with the color on the lower layers differently.
  4. Kangamutt

    Who Has ESP?

    Detecting EMFs with ESP? Please, ask anyone that spends an extended amount of time under fluorescent lighting about that annoying buzzing feeling in their head and feeling needlessly agitated.
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    Colorizing B&W line art - How do?

    Pretty easy, really. (going with Photoshop, here) That little checkerboard icon that is circled is a lock transparency button. Every layer that you add in a document is a transparent layer, with whatever pixels you add to it. Activating that button allows you to only affect the pixels without...
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    Believable aliens on Venus?

    Except that you can only hand-wave so much before it stops being believable. And you have quite the load on your plate using Venus of all planets to have something living there. As it's been said, it's one of the most inhospitable planets in our system. The air is almost completely carbon...
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    Minecraft 1.8

    Pretty much the same here, too. Once the update rolled out, the game ran SO SLOW. Needless to say, I haven't played since. :/
  8. Kangamutt

    Handhelds are dead?

    They already have released a Pokemon TCG for iOS
  9. Kangamutt

    Handhelds are dead?

    It practically is. All it really needs is another antenna built into it to send/receive cellular phone signals. At its current state all the 3DS needs is a downloadable program and you can have video chat through WiFi.
  10. Kangamutt

    Handhelds are dead?

    That wouldn't be too hard for them. Moreso, they could put "CONTROLLER REQUIRED!!!" in the game's description in the store. But like we'll see a (licensed) Nintendo game on an Android.
  11. Kangamutt

    Handhelds are dead?

    There are already controllers for Android phones, and I'm sure if you look hard enough, someone surely has made an app to use any bluetooth-based controller (pretty much all of them now) for the iPhone. And when this does become a common thing, then the game quality will ramp up from the...
  12. Kangamutt

    Handhelds are dead?

    Are you seriously still going on about this? No, really. Are you seriously still under the impression that King and Zynga are plotting to kill portable consoles while hiding on a skull-shaped island fortress like they're some Saturday morning cartoon villains? People who want to play an...
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    Favorite Mario Game?

    Super Mario World is definitely my top. I remember how blown away I was when I first played it. Big world, levels revisitable, and alternate exits. I didn't really get into Sunshine, and the NSMB games felt... soulless. Galaxy surely holds high, with its varying gravity platforming, and that...
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    If Sony bought Nintendo?

    It could be a real neat thing, taking hardware and technology into consideration. Nintendo has some neat hardware ideas, however, much of them are more geared toward Japan, such as Street Pass features within games. It seems awesome, two players pass on the street, maybe having the same game in...
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    No, you're just narcissistic. :U Pretty much all of this. Sexuality is a weird grey area kind of thing that can change over time. The label for "bi" doesn't have any real line drawn in the sand. You could be "bi" but still have a much stronger preference to one over the other. Those that are...