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    December Advent Commissions

    Slots 2, 5, 15, and 22 have been sold, and the starting bid has been placed on the animated YCH!
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    December Advent Commissions

    It's that time of year! I'm having my December Advent Calendar sale. How does this work? -When you choose your slot on the calendar and claim it, that will be the day you receive your finished commission. Payment is taken before I begin work, so if you are choosing a larger commission be sure...
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    Telegram Sticker Packs

    Telegram stickers! My prices for these start at $45 for a set of 5, plus $5 for each additional sticker up to a total of ten stickers. Can be furry characters, human, monster, whatever you like! I won't shy away from doing fetish or nsfw themed stickers make sure to follow the link at the...
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    Looking for an artist comfortable with taurs for a refsheet!

    Hey! Don't know if you're still looking, but my ref sheets start at $40 for a simple two view sheet. It's $60 for a three view sheet, and $5 for each extra expression or detail shot. I don't have any taur examples, but I draw a lot of chubby characters! Ref Sheet examples: Example of a...
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    People rude abot free art...?

    I've run into people like that. Ungrateful is definitely the word for it. Sometimes there's certain people who just watch out for free art whenever they can get it and for some reason they think it's something they rightfully deserve. '3' I once saw someone trying to post an Artists Beware (like...
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    Comic Commission Costs

    Before any assumptions are made, I'm not asking anyone here what price my commissions should be. I'm simply doing some research before I choose the prices myself for this particular type of commission, and I was hoping for a little help. When I open up a new kind of commission, I like to look...
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    Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)

    Days 7-9. All the icons and the last headshot! Currently left on the calendar as I write this is one custom design, one chibi, one fullbody, one doodle page, and the last row full of full scene and portrait illustrations. Thank you everyone who has ordered so far! I didn't expect such a big...
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    Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)

    Icon for Day 5! And Headshot for Day 6! The scene slot has opened back up as well, and since there hasn't been too much interest in final week, if you buy a scene or portrait, I'm willing to bump it up to one of the slots in the week before Christmas, so it'll be done in time for the holiday...
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    Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)

    Day one done! For KittyWhiskersFoxxyShasta Day 2 done! For Amari on Furry Amino! There are still plenty of slots open for any interested latebirds~
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    Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)

    New examples! These are for the headshots, but these styles can be applies to any commission~
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    Humans ($5- $35)

    Hey there! I draw a lot of humans so I could do this~ $32 would be enough for a waist up couples' drawing, though you can also get sketches and chibis within your budget, or a single character if you wanted something full body and colored. My prices and ToS are here. Some human examples...
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    Christmas Gift Commission (150$ budget)

    I don't know if this is still open but I'm interested! For two characters in a fully rendered scene, it would come to $75, and I always work with a very large canvas so high resolution would be no problem! This is the sort of coloring style I use for those kinds of pictures (though lighting...
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    Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)

    Bumping this since it got pushed off the first page before it got approved.
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    Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)

    It's time for the commission advent! How does this work? What are the rules? -The way this works is that you purchase a slot, and the date that the slot corresponds to is when you will receive the finished commission. -These are primarily "wing it" commissions so I will not be giving out WIPs...
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    Furries at Kikori Con?

    Bumping this since the con's only a couple weeks away now. I'm gonna be suiting, not sure yet which day. So I'm just wondering if I'll see anybody else up there.