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  • Uwaaah I'm sorry. xD Your pup in your icon just looks so darn familiar to an adorable suiter I saw at Megaplex! xD
    Well either way, thanks for the buggin! xD <3
    Decided to check out your FA page and noticed the All Time Low - Therapy cover. I gotta say your voice is amazing, as well as your gift to play the guitar <3. More videos to come I hope? :3 Anyway see you around the forums or something!
    Now just you wait a moment! Aren't you that sweet pup who I gave a dashie too? XD <3
    Exactly! That's how I feel about going into animation - it's school but it really doesn't feel like school. It makes learning so much more exciting and interesting. If it's something you feel that passionately about, I'm sure you will love it. =] So I read somewhere that you recently moved. How are you liking your new place?

    Haha. Well, I sure hope so. I always try my hardest so I think I'll manage to pull through. ^^
    That is so cool! I wish you luck with that - sounds like it will be a lot of fun. How long is the program?

    And I'll try to not be overwhelmed, but this semester is supposedly the hardest so I'm going to really have to be on top of my time management.
    Hey, Kaskae! I'm doing well, thanks, and yourself? School just started up for me so I'm watching my stack of homework grow and grow. It's getting kind of scary. XD; Also, it makes me super happy to see you using that image I drew for you as your icon. ♥
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