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    Wifi connection issues? Any tech professionals I can ask about it?

    Inspiron is a current product line of Dell: http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-laptops?~ck=bt
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    Studying in Information Technology major

    Java is kind of a crapshoot. You can get it tuned and working nicely, but that generally requires a decent Java application in the first place, and properly catching all the exceptions is a pain, so not alot of Java apps are that rock solid. If your going to be programming, you want your...
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    Recent Tech Purchases?

    I just put in a pre-order for this bugger: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1138184-REG/dji_djp3awb_phantom_3_quadcopter_1080p_camera_battery.html Mainly because of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHwE_q_qb7c I was already intending to get a Phantom, but seeing the video...
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    FA staff Site "Pardon our Dust"

    For crissakes, at least code in some php that says "early <next month>" instead of promising early last month.
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    Name a word

    How the??? How do you manage that, its like 17 years old now.
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    Dose anyone know how to shrink a PDF file down to 10 Mbytes?

    83 kilobytes = 0.083 megabytes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilobyte
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    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    It also does not show how many notifications you have.
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    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Images and icons are pixelated on FA

    Your internet service provider is using a WAN optimization proxy. Use HTTPS.
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    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Images and icons are pixelated on FA

    Your display settings are mucked up, check to see that you don't have them set to 256 colors or something like that.
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    Cloudflare privacy implications, anyone knowledgable?

    I think its pretty clear to anyone reporting stuff to CloudFlare that they just forward the reports to the site they are proxying. In this case it appears that the people sending the report didn't note two things: 1. The DMCA is not for stuff you dont like, its for stuff you own that is being...
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    The "Google meme"

    except the people posting the meme actually did put this stuff together in an image editor. I have seen some really cool photo manipulation and I dont really want that tossed out with this stuff. Just delete the notification and move on.
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    Notes Problem: Ghost note?

    I'm under the impression that you have to nuke them at least once after deleting everything.
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    Bug/Site Problem: Community struck again...

    Really guys? Ban everyone who disagrees?
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    Connection Issues: FA Outage?

    The SSL3 thing was two known issues with SSL3. The only thing new is some people got fed up and wrote an exploit and marketed the shit out of it. Edit: Also, darnit, it was supposed to be under embargo until the 21st, f***ers.
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    I don't know where Lag comes from.

    Better engineering.