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    Tyra Banks Show

    The chick who was on it obviously got a lot of crap about it. LOL The poor child. ...lol
  2. Kayote

    502 Error and Page not loading

    I am thinking it was the whole Tyra Banks thing. Got a lot of people fired up, so a bunch of log-ins n' shit. All ready to kill Chewfox for generalizing furries, as many do. LOL TIEM TO GO RAEP HUR DIGNITEE 502 erreerrrrzz . :CC
  3. Kayote

    5 Dollar...thingerz

    BUMPED DOWN TO $3 a PIECE. $7 gets you three :3 I need to buy a few things this week like supper for bryan's promotion, and a new tshirt for him :3 If ya'll could help me out, that would be great. I'm just so proud of him and I want to do something special for him <3 WHAT THE HELL AM I...
  4. Kayote

    Which animals do you find easier to anthropomorphisize?

    Personally, I find hoovies and avians the hardest. Cows, not so bad, or llamas, 'cause they have "two toes" so at least you have something to work with. Horses? D: Not so much. Also, believe it or not, canines are really hard to draw for me. I think I just haven't mastered the "human body"...
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    Furry Fandom--Spirituality

    I used to act like a dog-dog (barking, itching, howling) up until I was 13. LOL But not anymore, because that is socially unacceptable, and silly. But I do hold my "fursona" close to me because I am who I am, and...that's that. LOL
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    What bothers you the most about the furry fandom?

    Character obsessions, unoriginal fursonas..beh. LOL
  7. Kayote


    You win internets for that link. <33 I love those comics. LOL
  8. Kayote

    you know you a fur when

    When you're picking out a card for your friend for a birthday, anniversary, whatever, and it is always remotely animal-related because YOU thought it was cute and funny. Or buyityourselfandcutouttheimage. o-o
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    Fursuits that make you drool.

    Re: Fursuits that make u drool. Fursuits are okay, some are really cute. But like, I really got to thinking about it, and...like, if I had a fursuit...what the fuck would I do with it? After I am done sweating my ass off in a mascot costume, I shove it back into the closet? Ew...creepy. xD I...
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    Furry Music?

    LOL Short from the utter crap I heard at Furry Fiesta, I have no idea. As said before, best thing to do is browse the music section of FA and listen. x3 -dances-
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    True. xD conventions and furmeets = okay. Because you're among friends andwon'tberidiculedasjustoneperson. x3 But I would never wear a tail out of that, or ears. That's stupid. LOL I want to dress up as Spock.
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    LOL as long as everyone is okay with it, I guess that's fine. LOL It just seems awkward is all. xD
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    Sergal Video

    Ah man, I've always wanted to do a long slide show with repeating images blaring music that makes the ears bleed. :C I h8 U al
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    ...so you all are a furry family or something? Personally, I dunno how I would feel. xD It's like being totally into bondage, and like, you walk in on your parents, your dad tied up with a gagball and your mom with a whip...and being okay with that. And...being inspired or...some...thing...
  15. Kayote

    LOL, Furry Precentages

    LOL for the longest time I was a wolf. Then I was sad because I was tired of being a wolf. They seem too overdone :| Short from giving my fursona blinding colors that shits rainbows, I couldn't seem to find anything original. Yeah, a coyote is not any "different" but...it's whatever. If the mass...