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    Request: Looking for Artist for Realms Creature Sanctuary

    I am looking for an artist/creature concept artist to help me create the Realms Creature Sanctuary where artists will help create through their artistic creativity to bring creatures to life, with my writing to add to their lore. This project will have the feel of a bestiary in terms of the...
  2. Kazonking

    Request: Crystal Ghost Dude

    He is so amazing!
  3. Kazonking

    Looking For Readers!

    Hello everyone! I have been looking for new readers for a few of my novel series I am working on. If you're interested, please check them out, each reader helps me know what I'm doing right or gives me ideas of what I should do. Below is a link to where I am posting my work. Thank you all...
  4. Kazonking

    Looking to revive an old horror story.

    Honestly I am interested in the idea. Unique combination but I would like to see how it would play out.
  5. Kazonking

    What Did I Just Make???

    Maybe it should be a water psychic type. Maybe it should be a water psychic type. And maybe its really wise and because of it, it is soooo Zen and has no worries but everyone worries what it is thinking
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    What Did I Just Make???

    Ok, so far we are agreeing this looks like a pokemon. Already got a name thanks to TyraWadman being "Quilbert". All we need is a pokedex entry, maybe possible evolutions and whatever else needed
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    What Did I Just Make???

    Looking at it more, I have to agree to it being like a Pokemon. Hmmmmmm we should all team up and try to make it a reality lol
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    What Did I Just Make???

    haha that's perfect!
  9. Kazonking

    What Did I Just Make???

    lol, I wish I could say it was. Just a random drawing.
  10. Kazonking

    What Did I Just Make???

    haha it kinda does
  11. Kazonking

    What Did I Just Make???

    Hello everyone! I was messing around the art program I use and just was randomly using the symmetry ruler to just see what I can make. Well, I created something that was...interesting. I'm going to share it with you all and you can tell me what you think and just well say whatever haha. If...
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    Free Art: Let Me Draw You~

    First, I have to say that your art is very lovely! Also very cool that you're doing this even if for practice. If interested and if possible, could you maybe do something for my oc Kira? Thank you again for doing this for everyone here and I can't wait to see more of your future work and see...
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    Moltasia Story

    Hey everyone, I've posted a the first part of my story called Moltasia on FA. It's a fantasy genre series, but has a some kinky/erotic twists (to put out there before you read). Below is a link to what I have right now, but more will be posted soon! Until then, follow the link below and hope I...
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    Sketchbook: Some Digital Work

    All the pics are digital art so thank you for the compliment!! It was actually one that I took special care with in terms of colour, lighting, etc. I'm hoping to maybe do these as trade for possible art but I'm working on creating a "project" that everyone could possibly join in on as a fun role...
  15. Kazonking

    Request: Looking for Possible Art for Kira (OC)

    haha gotcha and again I really enjoyed reading that small excerpt.