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  • Re: What people think furry means

    I like Animals. Therefore, while I don't mind all-Human Casts, I prefer Anthropomorphized Characters. And the less Human the better. I don't happen to think two ears and a tail an Anthro make. Anime would have you believe otherwise, apparently...
    sorry i think im gonna aim a little higher than a slug. i'm gonna be reincarnated as Kanye West's girlfriend
    Lol, I didn't catch that. I'm usually good about my grammar. Thanks.

    Also, I didn't know I had a style, but thank you again.
    i already slit my wrists so im gonna die soon, maybe next lifetime i'll cry on your shoulder
    Some people call it playing, others call it failing with style.

    But yes, I play the doters.
    are you sure? maybe its just the same art style. if it really is a reference then i'm gonna have to change it
    hover your mouse over the image

    anyways, i'm a member of a prestigious music downloading site and i used to download rare music from it for other people and in exchange they'd draw me pics (usually something like Rigby in a diaper or crossdressing or something) and one time someone drew me this so i could download them the album "Space Desia" by Flying Testicle (great album if you like noise music). i dont know if its a reference to something or anything, but i made a version of it for my sig

    that was longer than i thought it would be but yea
    which part? the SWEET TRIP MORDO part, the Can you keep a secret? part, or the diaper rash part?
    What is a conduit bend?

    Good luck getting back into your programming. The closest I've ever gotten to 'programming' is lego mindstorms. x3
    Things are just ticking along nicely. I'll find out what materials I need to read for preparation in July/August and then there will be various introductions and the like. I'm going to be answering questions from new applicants next week on what I thought of the application process.
    Right now though I'm working to get my department's exhibition ready. Funnily enough I was enjoying the lifting and cleaning more than the making content for the exhibition. x3

    What about yourself?
    Thanks. I think I'll be a lot happier in that field. The other prospective students I met were lovely people and the course demands you go to lots of interesting places, fulfilling that 'get out more' criterion of life.
    Lucky you. What kind of personality is he?
    Not that well. I feel like my current course is 'unteaching' me, and I'm worried about being good enough for uni. They sent me emails saying that I could do a 'catch up' week to make sure I will be up to scratch, so that's relieved some of that concern- as they obviously expect students to be thinking this.
    Wear a pair of glassless frames. ;3

    No, not really. The chat owner fell out with me because I had started bringing other people into the chat and they took objection. Since then I've been on once or twice to see if anyone else is there, but nobody's been online.

    Physical letters wouldn't be possible. We could email but FA PM's essentially allow us to do this anyway.
    Trapanning is the only cure then I am afraid. Now hold still!
    Honestly though I wish you luck finding a diagnosis and treatment, headaches absolutely suck. I'm fortunate enough to have had any in...years.
    I don't know what fire emblem is. :s
    You should go see an optician if you haven't already. Your glasses might be the wrong number of diopters and be causing you to strain your eyes.
    What are you anxious about? [if it's not too personal]
    I'm not at university yet, that comes in october.
    Pretty much how it has always gone with regards to rules and the mods, and it isn't always a bad thing. As much as I don't like what's going on, and think FAF is being a gigantic hypocrite, it falls on the minority of opinions to simply deal with it.
    This is what happens when a certain poster, no matter how obnoxious said person might be, becomes popular with the general forum community. It eventually ends. I only wasted my time because every now and then I feel like something actually deserves to be addressed with a bit more acid than is typical. That all being said, your rant did take the wrong approach. A certain poster is nothing more than an attention whore.
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