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    when did you know you were a furry or otherkin or furbaby

    When I was ~13, I was convinced that I was a dragon in spirit. Started saying "gotta love dragons" to goddamn everyone. Told my sister, one day, that I was only attracted to dragons. Enthusiastically told my best friend about my ~*dragon spirit guide*~. Then the hormones subsided. All that's...
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    What is your favourite thing to do online?

    The correct response would be: "stop oppressing me with your cis-white, fecal-normality. as a trans-excremental demisexual half-nipponese, the leveraging of your male privilege was very triggering. please take a relaxing bath in boiling oil."
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    What is your favourite thing to do online?

    Safari rules, man. You can look at the poop. You can smell the poop. You can take picture of the poop. But never, ever, touch the poop.
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    suggestion for guys looking for girl in the fandom that don't want to be gay

    Conventions generate interesting stores. Interesting stories make for good dates. It's very hard to not be gay, though, I must agree.
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    Separate Accounts for NSFW Art?

    I like it when artists have a separate accounts for smut; non-sexual nudity is a thing, and I don't really browse FA for porn.
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    Useless crap you still remember

    40 Stones of Jordan for a perfect Windforce. Excuse me, sir, but avacado's number is extremely important! |:
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    I am a big fan of Savant, myself.
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    Morality and moral axioms (what are ethical foundations based on?)

    general guidelines for being a decent human being: *Don't go around murdering people. *Don't be dicks to one another, seriously. *Communication and Critical Thought.
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    s.o.s! need help to identify a song

    "Yiff Me To The Moon" By DJ Slenderpaw Darkflame
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    How Not To Worry?

    From my current understanding of climate change, our overconsumption of limited resources, and the continual growth of our population, my outlook ~50 years from now is pretty grim. Two realistic things I figure I can do about it: push for sustainability, and to not have kids. Apart from...
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    "Maybe I can trade my fedora for a hot soup?"

    With actual, real-life stocks, you can use knowledge about a company to predict its performance. Bitcoin isn't really predictable, it's more like gambling, except without the guaranteed securities that regular casinos give (usually casinos don't flat-out grab all your cash and run). And the...
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    "Maybe I can trade my fedora for a hot soup?"

    You claim that 2 billion people eat less than 200 calories/day? Where did you get that data? e: but yes, a sizable fraction of the world's population is starving and/or malnourished. Not to the extent that you were starving yourself in your $40/month scenario, though.
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    "Maybe I can trade my fedora for a hot soup?"

    According to the data you have presented, and humanity's current knowledge of the average daily energy consumption of a person, you were objectively consuming far less energy than you were expending. The calculations are not difficult.
  14. Kazooie

    "Maybe I can trade my fedora for a hot soup?"

    Most likely because you were starving to death Please tell me your diet has become a *bit* more sane?
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    "Maybe I can trade my fedora for a hot soup?"

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha No. 2 eggs. 155 calories. 1/2 onion. ~40 calories. Yeah, good luck with your 200 calorie/day diet. For the thread's reference, people generally need to consume around the lines of ~1500 calories/day (in terms of raw energy). I need to add "free condoms" to my list :V...