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    What is your favourite weapon?

    I'll agree with that. Nice thing about firearms; the learning curve isn't exceptionally drastic. In your case, it was essentially non-existant. :) I remember the first time firing a gun; at age 6, I flushed a crow out of the brush, and instinctively pointed and shot. Killed it with a BB to the...
  2. Keegan Ingrassia

    What is your favourite weapon?

    There's no point in having a favorite weapon, if you don't know how to use it. That said, all of the weapons I list, I've practiced with. Several of them I'm proficient with. I've been using a broadsword and a recurve for over 10 years, so I can say with confidence they are my favorite weapons...
  3. Keegan Ingrassia

    I had the strangest urge recently =/ Have you had a similar urge?

    I randomly get a strong urge to howl at the moon whenever I see it. I usually act on it, and freak out whatever friend I happend to be walking/driving/sitting with. Also have the occasional urge to mutilate people in a very systematic and cold-blooded manner, usually involving a sharp knife...
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    Okay...so I'm new...

    Hmm...leave for vacation...come home two-four months later looking like my genes were spliced...sounds like a fair trade. I'm not exactly a shy guy, so the measurements wouldn't be too awkward. Even those certain measurements could be taken with a minimum of discomfort. Only thing I lack at...
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    Okay...so I'm new...

    O_O must....purchase....a suit! If there is any fursuit that I would spend money on, what you just described is exactly what I've been waiting for! ...that or genetic mutation, of course...
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    Hello from the south of Wales

    *shakes hand* Welcome to the forum, Dragon Dan. Always good to have new faces around. Hope you enjoy being here. :)
  7. Keegan Ingrassia


    A pleasure to meet you, Auda. *offers more cheesecake* Glad to have another wolf hanging around the forum. :)
  8. Keegan Ingrassia

    Greetings and salutations

    Awesome! *adds the cheesecake to the growing pile of food* And since you love it so much... *offers Auda a double-decker chocolate cheesecake*
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    I deserve some cheesy greetings!

    *insert cheesy greeting here* (Hallo Intrepid!)
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    Okay...so I'm new...

    Absolutely fantastic. :) I've done some smithing work as well. Mostly maile, some plate armor. But more of my expertise is with engineering and carpentry. Shields, trebuchets, et cetera. From the sound of it, the level of detail and functionality of your suits is well worth the price. What...
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    Greetings and welcome to the forum. :3
  12. Keegan Ingrassia

    Greetings and salutations

    Whee! *munches on the cookie, and hands Shark a cupcake* ^w^
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    Okay...so I'm new...

    Woof. I feel sorry for your mother's car. And as for the smithing, what do you do? :3 Edit: and out of sheer curiosity, do you have a link to pictures/info on your suits? Not looking to buy one at the moment, but they sound simply amazing, and I'd love to get to look at some of your work.
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    Greetings and salutations

    *hugs thietogreth back while munching on the steak DT offered* Thanks, all. ^^ *blinks in reply to HPA's question* Sobeys? Er, no, don't think so...? >>
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    To commemorate my third year of being a furry....I think I'll come up with a name. :P

    Re: To commemorate my third year of being a furry....I think I'll come up with a name An interesting name, and one that compliments both your draconic and lupine sides. Also, it sounds like something both races would pronounce in that way. I say it is a fine name, and one that was well worth...