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Kellan Meig'h
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  • Out of interest do Americans know what Wombles are or is that a complete shot in the dark for you guys?
    Kellan Meig'h
    Kellan Meig'h
    So yeah, not a cockwomble. Actually, I had never heard of a womble before. Must be a British thing, since I had never heard of them. BTW, a cockwomble is Scottish for an idiot or somebody incredibly stupid.
    Just don't confuse your cockwombles and womble cocks.
    Kellan Meig'h
    Kellan Meig'h
    Hey. You don't know me, and this may not mean much, but just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your current situation. You can get through this, man.
    Merry Belated Christmas Good Sir!! And A Happy New Year to you and your mate!
    Hey, how goes it? I have not been around her much, working with the publisher on the books and farming just have not left much time.
    Glad to hear from you! I was getting worried you might have left us. Good to hear that you are doing better. I am still getting over the events from last weekend.
    The son of my hunting partner was out with us for the last day of deer season and managed to shoot himself. He lost a couple of toes but will be fine.
    Dealing with his wounds kinda sent me back to ...... events long ago. I never thought that the combat training would come in handy but it was good that I was with him. His dad was so paniced that he ended up calling his wife instead of 911, I thought he was going to have a heart attack.
    So yep, I have a couple of pache air brushes, don't use them much any more. They can be fun, on t-shirts and cars but I never did use them on any paintings.
    talk at you again soon, I hope.
    Hey! so are you feeling better now? Getting ready for the snow? I guess the weather report says possibly snow for us tomorrow night.
    I am beginning to think we might be the only ...uh.... mature ones left on here. Even seeing Tailmon is rare these days.
    Yikes! Well at least you are on the mend? I thought we weren't supposed to have medical issues until we were in our seventies or later!
    Makes you wonder what ever happened to those claims back in the sixties that our generation and the ones after us would be able to live full active and healthy lives to a ripe age of 250! Not to mention, where is my personal robot or my hover car?
    Well, at least your still here and kicking, I am glad for that much. Take care of yourself!
    I have sent a friend request. I plan on keeping my group of friends small.
    How are you doing? And to respond to your last, I think we all wonder if we will make it to that age where we have earned our rest. some will and some won't. I plan on fighting with all I have to make it there and beyond even if I end up in a wheel chair. They have handicap hunting area's now so I will be alright either way. I am still looking forward to reading your book.
    take care and I will chat at you later.
    Why are they making you pay for the conversion? If you have it on the computer in any file, Amazon will convert for free!
    Sorry for slow response, Arthritis in my hand makes life difficult for the last week. Arthritis cause it broke 30 plus years ago and never healed correctly.
    Doctor was talking surgery, I said no! I am still working at my job but do not know for how much longer. Will be elligable to retire in Nov of 2014.
    Gotta make it till then. I hope to read some of those works soon. What made you pick a horse hybrid?
    When I saw the Human/horse hybrid I had to ask if you have read Shielah of Earth?
    I have another friend who wears a kilt, he calls himself Robert the Bruce, he does the highland games. He may not do it much longer as he is two years older than I.
    What do you write? Many questions and not much time as I am not yet retired, maybe we could chat later?
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