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  • Yo. You probably don't know or remember me, but I mean, you've been here forever, and I recognize you. I like your posts, I know life tends to shit on you, if you need a friend, hit me up on Skype sometime.
    Happy to hear you have something to keep your moods up. :) Don't let yourself fall down too deeply though.
    hay i saw ur thread I'm not the best talker but i like to listen and i'd like to try. and if I'm bother u just tell me any way i need to go to bed but post me any time.
    I've just gotten back from my brother's. Hope you are doing well. <3

    I was unable to internet since I was doin real life stuffs.
    Do you know Red Savage.

    Something tells me you'd get along, and not just cause the whole T thing
    Just on the off-chance that you see this, I hope you had a better birthday this go round than last time...
    Kellie, just want you to know I have the utmost respect for you. I can talk ~any time~ if you're going through some shit. A lot of us are going through shit, and a lot of us need to talk about it to keep from going insane, and I think some FaFers could stand to be a bit more social, and show some goddamn camaraderie instead of being self-serving contrarian assholes.
    Might not have been what you meant, but impression I got when you mentioned people refusing to listen.

    My forum profile name is Attaman ( :V ), Skype drachyench, and have a few other contacts if desired
    You've been mentioning stress repeatedly recently as well as a lack of discussion. If you wish, I'll take a few visitor / private messages or can share some contact information to talk outside FAF (Skype, for example).
    Well, good luck with the expert, and hopefully it is semi-normal / not something that could be life-threatening.
    Ha, this pic is almost a year old. I eat cereals with my coffee now :V. But ya, bananas & coffee go well together.
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