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  • Well that's okay. But hey the offer's there.

    Also that picture is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.
    Your new pouty avatar is really kind of cute and all. Just figured I'd throw it out there.

    Also, cheer up buttercup. I know we don't really know each other, but you see, like a pretty smart person--and even pretty nice at times. So chin up and all that, and if you ever need help writing (or hell, if you just wanna TALK about writing), hit me up. I'm free to talk and stuff.
    I know, right? Especially if you marinate for a night and then cook it over a fire made from either apple wood or blackjack cherry.
    I dumped that one because he didn't do what I wanted him to do today
    does this turn you on as much as it does me?
    if yes, should I find a new guy to boss around
    I did this right now just for you

    Me: Get on msn right now you fucking whore
    [he comes on msn]

    Being a dick/aloof makes the guy/girl be like "hey wait what. give me attention" and they work for it like lil dogs. Is this turning your crank
    It does attract girls though. Being a dick attracts dudes and chicks because chicks/dudes see a guy who acts like that as a guy who isn't a doormat/someone who needs to cling to people. They see him as a guy who knows what he wants and will yell at you angrily during sex and that's hot. That's how I talk to all the dudes I like. :)
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