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    Who are you in real life?

    A college student studying to be a English as a foreign language teacher. I figure that by teaching language (I'm a native English speaker so English is the easiest for me) I can maybe get some people to understand each other a bit more and do some good in the world. If I didn't have such a...
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    Looking to commission a partial, mini partial or maybe just a head...

    I just found someone a bit ago, but thanks for your offer!
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    Word association

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    Trying to make my first 'sona... Little lost.

    If you still need advice on editing the free for use reference sheets, I would recommend using paint.net. It's not too much of a hassle to work with, updated a lot, and it has TONS of community made plugins if you need to do something with the image that you inherently can't with the program...
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    Let your phone do the talking!

    I will have a talk about the other one chip cookies and cream cheese frosting.
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    Fresh meat!

    Welcome! Hope you like it here, it's a pretty chill place.
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    Predict the next poster

    I sure do! I predict the next person is currently waiting until Sunday night to do homework due Monday.
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    Watership Down (2018)

    Honestly, I haven't read the book or watched any other versions before this one, but I LOVE THIS ADAPTATION. Now, if you're excuse me, I'm off to watch all the others and read the book....
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    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    I can't remember the earliest age I started taking interest in these things, but I finally admitted to myself that I was a furry about 15. It took me a bit longer though to join the community and make my fursona.
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    Numbers until this thread post explodes!

    Opps, I got messed up because I read the 428 in the pic and registered that as the number instead of the 517 (things like this seem to happen when I only get 4 hours of sleep). Sorry about that... :oops: Anyway, here's a candy crush level 519:
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    Word association

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    Word association