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    An Open Thanks to the Mods

    I'm late to the party, but thank you, mods, and happy new year!
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    Do’s and Dont’s of Furry Fiction?

    One thing I think furs tend to forget is that hybrid characters would be very rare. A mixed-species couple may need help reproducing; maybe, in some settings, they would be persecuted for "going against nature".
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    Thank you everyone!

    You're welcome.
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    New and looking for someone experienced

    Sure, I'll give you a paw up.
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    what's your sexuality/ gender

    Yes... unfortunately, faith IS based on things that can't be scientifically or physically proved. Which means you can't conduct a "faith experiment" to see if the claims are real. As I'm only causing disruption, I guess I'll butt out.
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    Block abuse?

    If it's been settled, though, doesn't that mean you're now a former victim?
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    what's your sexuality/ gender

    @Saiko it's very difficult to talk about such things with people who don't believe in the supernatural, much less in God. I'm Replynot sure, right now, if it's even possible when my every point will be dismissed. Some people don't like their "assigned" gender because of biological factors- fair...
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    Being comfortable with being a Furry....

    Again we disagree. I'm inclined to listen to all opinions; it's made me some good friends in my few years as a fur.
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    what's your sexuality/ gender

    I wasn't trying to troll or mess with people; I was presenting my own perspective and asking questions. And yes, I understand that religion is a touchy subject on forum sites. I'm very glad to be able to discuss such things (religion, politics, sex, etc.) here rather than being told, "These...
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    what's your sexuality/ gender

    ^You mean I should put born better in italics? Sorry; my intention wasn't putting words in your mouth. Also, I'm sorry you think appeals to God are unintelligent.
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    what's your sexuality/ gender

    I was saying that faith makes it possible to rise above feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, etc. That it's possible to be content in one's own body, which I believe was assigned by God and not random genetics- that, indeed, genetics aren't as random as people think.
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    Being comfortable with being a Furry....

    Begging your pardon, Mungo, but those not in fandom have unfortunate tendencies to think that all furs are representative of the fandom entire. So as I've said elsewhere- if we don't want a reputation as degenerates, we shouldn't be drawing porn or committing sexual acts in public.
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    what's your sexuality/ gender

    And yet- have you heard of Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs altogether? To my knowledge he's not jealous of those who have limbs. Nor is Bethany Hamilton jealous of those with two arms. Why? Because they're Christians; they believe there's something beyond biological, temporary life. As...
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    Being comfortable with being a Furry....

    I see. There's some (thanks, Mozilla!) who would say online life is real life. I agree- you may be staring at a screen pressing keys, but you're also interacting with other real people.
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    Account Change

    Welcome aboard, Zevwen! It's nice to have you here.