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Hello there I'm keywee612 may call me kiwi if you like

my fursoan is a male, species a cabbit find it cute and who I am also his name is Edia Tello

Main goal to have friend or who accept who i am., don’t have friend anymore since got school out, I hope make some friend here, kinda shy not very social and that my is puzzles.

why i am shy persons and very anxiety and sensitive in social environments unless your my family because i have autism i like call my 'Puzzle', so that new for me also love meaning thing like color green , 'You are a loyal friend and/or a faithful partner, gentle but not passionate.', i don't know mean love right i am passionate but not in love way i am more not about relationship, it a childhood feelings or friendship, feel more comfortable around female than male it my autism thing.

I'm decent artist for human characters, never draw a furry characters
also i am a game development but that is another realty life not here,
I'm here trying to find some friend who accept who i am.

Favorite game genres:
RPG Game, Platform Game and Shoot 'em up game big of Shoot 'em up even bullet hell game.

I really suck making 'About me information'

If you want to RP with you or chat just ask me or pm me make sure seen f-list first maybe will draw your character one of the scene my character and your character

Telegram: Keywee612
Discord: Keywee612#2613
f-list: F-list - Warning

P.s plz don't ask me *what is your first languages* i get that lot other website
November 16
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All the works of man/woman have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination, this my other mask my other persona unit find my happiness and ability to make friends with peers from my "Puzzle"



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