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  1. Khim

    PKMN Friend Code

    Hi, i have been playing Pokemon Pearl and so far i have been collecting every pokemon i encounter so i can fill my podedex list but the journey is not done since i dont have the previous GBA games of pokemon but anyways im trying to get the ones i can find in my version of Pearl, if you are...
  2. Khim


    Who here has a mate (BF or GF doesnt matter)
  3. Khim

    Any fellow Fat Furs here?

    i have a tummy :P
  4. Khim

    Muscle furs?

    my character has muscles but not exaggerated.
  5. Khim


    all you need is love :B
  6. Khim

    What originally got you into Furries?

    Spunky of course
  7. Khim

    are you?

    again with the illness? get over it. A reason to be furry is to forget aboout the real world for a bit not to remember whats happening.
  8. Khim

    What If You're Favourite Animal...

    many of my favorite are extinct, thank you humanity, their next hunt would be furries, lol
  9. Khim

    Help needed... badly...

    Just remember being furry doesnt mean being gay, those are way dfferent things, so whats the problem? proove youre not some kind of furfag
  10. Khim


    never seen a guy with that, believe me, if you do that it would be cool watching your hand with that tatoo, be sure to take a picture cuz i want to see it, maybe ill try that soon too.
  11. Khim

    What do you like more, Clean or Yiffy

    No yiff cuz the yiff i found on FA are awfully drawn and disgusting =)
  12. Khim

    furry film

    they already exist, incredible how didnt you notice it, or try to be more specific unless youre asking for some anthro yiff animated film which you wont find that easily
  13. Khim

    how many?

    this is definetly an awkward thread, dont know whats your goal by making it, since what i know, the furry fandom is to escape from reality for a moment, anyways i bet they are many furries who has different problems and not only AS
  14. Khim

    Fursona Inspiration

    Are you really that boring? all your answer are so short and dull, man, be a little open and make the answers at least interesting :/
  15. Khim

    Khim the Red Chimera

    And chimera is also a real type of fish, located in Japan, check wikipedia or youtube for more info ;)