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  1. Kickapoo

    360 Vs. PS3 Vs. Wii

    Haha, omg the three are dead-even at 8 votes each. Nice!
  2. Kickapoo

    Akward or Weird Facts About Yourself

    I love the heels on a loaf of bread. I also eat the outside of the toast first...:-P
  3. Kickapoo

    Amusing statistics/facts?

    One chocolate bar on average contains about 10 insect legs....(no joke)
  4. Kickapoo

    what is the most disgusting thing u could put on pizza

    Hard to beat crickets on that one...:-P
  5. Kickapoo

    Random and/or pointless facts?

    On average the water heater consumes the most electricity in a household...
  6. Kickapoo

    Random and/or pointless facts?

    It is an actual state law here in Indiana that you cannot give alcohol to a monkey.
  7. Kickapoo


    I'm straight and I like the smaller ones. I've always had a weakness for tomboyish girls....don't ask me why...:-P
  8. Kickapoo


    Oh come on, this is no contest here. Secret of Nimh for the win!
  9. Kickapoo

    The Masturbation Thread

    Wow, after seeing the title I had to see this thread for myself. One reason why I'm here....(for the lolz), thanks for making it enthusiastic to come back Bonzzai.
  10. Kickapoo


    I like your avatar, besides that...psshh
  11. Kickapoo

    How fast can you type? Play typewriter and find out

    90 wpm....I can do better...>.<
  12. Kickapoo

    Willing to talk and listen.

    Yes you can have grapes...^^...*searches, hands you a bundle of grapes*
  13. Kickapoo

    Willing to talk and listen.

    Ok, maybe that was a weird post, I admit. But if anyone, no matter who it is wants to just talk to someone, I'm usually around...:)
  14. Kickapoo

    Willing to talk and listen.

    Unfortunately there aren't that many furries around where I'm from, so I guess the internets will have to do....^_- I'm your usual guy fur I guess you could say, that likes to talk and is willing to make new friends. I guess you could say I'm more interested in the lady furs since I'm...
  15. Kickapoo

    Horrifying things you did as a child?

    Me and some friends (12) found out how to make a potato rocket launcher.(no joke) All we had to do was fit together pvc pipe and hair spray, and shove a potato in one end with a flint light sealed at the explosive end. Surprisingly we got this to work rather well, too well actually. We...