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  • Dr. Ingram K. Daugh. Founder of the dreaded EVAC Industry and head of the DoDonPachi Maximum Bullet Simulator. :3
    While I was on holiday. Thanks, I'm taking a foundation degree in arts next year, so 'm trying to get a little practice in- currently I rip up most drawings.
    Cheers for the watch.
    Pretty much every living creature wants me to be afraid or oblivious to it, just wasps are particularly successful because they hurt so much. :c Hornets however take scary to a whole new level.

    I've been a vegetarian since I was about 10, though my parents insist I eat fish because they're hyperchondriacs on my behalf.
    I've been stung by wasps several times [a wasp nest grew in the porch outside my front door and my parents refused to get rid of it for a very long time, so they regularly pestered me whenever I left or entered the house], so I'm more afraid of them than anything.

    I suppose I do, the less mammalian something is the less I'm inclined to consider it 'furry', perhaps just because mammals are the staple of the fandom.
    Out of curiosity are you vegetarian?
    I was surprised when I found many furries represented themselves with one species- being able to change species seemed like one of the crucial aspects of the fandom- less surprised when I found out many also change their fursona periodically x3
    What appeals to you about fish and wasp fursonas [do they even qualify as furry?] ?
    They do? x3 It's reasoned hypothesis, so I'd have to ask people to see if the reasons were genuine. Personally I can't seem to stick to a fursona really [despite the username I'm not inherently foxy]
    The imagery associated with pigs is, in general, a potent mix of lardiness and muck. I actually visited an exhibiting yesterday where the main feature was a painting of an anthropomorphised pig, with great roles of fat, with the intent of saying 'people are pigs'. There's no objective reason it has to be that way, it's just our culture, isn't it?

    I haven't read much fiction, but I'm guessing the wicked-thin eyes of reptiles, along with the predatory connotations and flattened, sharp snout matches your stereotypical bad guy. I think some reptile species would make suitable good guys though, geicos, salamanders and a variety of dinosaur species could pull it off well.
    I guess many people don't consider pigs very handsome creatures, as an anthropomorphised pig would look more like an obese human than your run-a-the-mill furry.
    Your avatar caught my eye, it's not often you see a honeybadger and reading some of your comments you seem quite interesting. Ty for accepting.
    Good. And because of you I learned what type of file they need to be in when I upload the rest in the future.
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