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  1. King Gourd

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I like to see myself as the vehicle preparations manager of Enterprise rent a car of Danbury. SHort terms.....work for enterprise, anyone wanna rent a sweet sweet automobile?!! =3
  2. King Gourd


    It being my first furry convention I feel It kicked some major ass!! Awesome city, really fun events and a huge number of decent hearted people. I really cant wait for AC 09.
  3. King Gourd

    your absolute favorite song!

    Really too many to list.....but for now I will have to say; Song: Beauty of the Beast Artist: Nightwish Genre: Power metal
  4. King Gourd

    Your Ride!

    YAY another bug, Long live the Type 1! Heres my other ride.....she's for sale. dats mah old work horse of a Saab.
  5. King Gourd

    do you feel small now?

    That is just absolutely amazing, seriously for a while there I was speechless. Space takes it for the win! For being so god damned big.....10 million years, FUCK!
  6. King Gourd

    Who's your favorite Furry?

    Oh, definately Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of NIMH. Shes a MILF......and I like it =3
  7. King Gourd

    Furfright 2008 (5th biggest furry convention!)

    A WEEK AWAY MO' FUGAS! Whos coming with me, I said whos coming with me!!? XD See all you crazy bastards there. =3
  8. King Gourd

    Favorite drink?

    Non alcoholic- Dr.Pepper, Pepsi, Cherry 7-Up Alcoholic- Beer (all kinds accept really light beers like Bud Light), Ammaretto (Disorono), Scotch, Whiskey (Makers Mark), Fragelico, the list would keep going but I almost shorted out my computer with drool, haha so funny(not really). And last but...
  9. King Gourd

    *glomps and purrs*

    Welcome Mr. Kitty, enjoy your stay, remember to let the desk know when your checking out......and dont steal the fucking towels. =3
  10. King Gourd

    why not say your a fur in IRL.

    Oh God, dont let enyone know man! I once let someone know, and that mother fucker stabbed me in and about the face. But seriously, most people dont even know what it means, and those who do probably aren't digging it. So I just keep it to myself..unless someone was to ask. ;3
  11. King Gourd

    I know I'm not the only fur in this area! >.<

    I dont know any others, I think im all alone, as far as I can tell. I see there are a number of Connecticut furs, but know none of them. I better meet some of you CT fucks at Furfright!
  12. King Gourd

    Saw V?!

    I cant wait to see it so I can vomit bile and blood on my own crotch. Why dont they just end it already, hopefully 5 will be the last. Well at least they havent run out of ways......really really crazy/kick ass ways to kill people. Yay to killing people.
  13. King Gourd

    The Animal In You

    The animal in me likes guns............and chocolate. =3
  14. King Gourd

    YO MOMMA!!! (OH yeah, were going there!)

    Yo mama is so fat, she died of a coronary........wait....
  15. King Gourd

    Ya learn Something new every day

    From 1938-2003 there were 21,529,464 Volkswagen Type 1 (beetle)'s made. This record was recently broken by one of the chevy pickups. Long live teh original beetle!!! =3