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    i am curious

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    New York Furs?

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    What the hell am I?

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    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    It makes me sad how the humans we put in control of everything have been giving christianity/catholicism such a bad name in recent years. Yes, I believe in a higher power, and yes, I go to mass on Sundays because I like the community and the "spiritual refresher" it gives me, but some of the...
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    The Black Hole

    Darn it, I thought I had done all my reading before posting. Sorry about that. But yeah, I agree :3
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    The Black Hole

    On the contrary, I'd think having a specific section for "off-topic" banter would imply that such randomness is not tolerated elsewhere. If it were, why would we have made a special section for it? At least this way it keeps everything concentrated and gives the mods the ability to say "no...