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  1. Kipsy

    Fear the Walking Dead

    I had forgotten that it was airing tonight. My boyfriend only remembered because of a co worker. :p We watched it, but I won't give any spoilers. I'll just say that it's too soon to tell if I like it or not.
  2. Kipsy

    You ever like have a crush on someone's stupid ass fursona

    No. I don't find them appealing in that way. I just think they're a cute drawing if anything. :P
  3. Kipsy

    How old do you look?

    Well I'm really twenty four, but today I went to go check out a new eye doctor and the receptionist thought I was in my early teens. I took it as a compliment. I'm going to age well.
  4. Kipsy

    Holy moly.

    Congratulations I suppose. At least she's okay with you making a suit.
  5. Kipsy

    what you furries drive??

    I don't really enjoy driving oddly enough, but when I have to drive my car is a black base model cobalt from 2007 or 08. It's been awhile since I got it so my memory is failing. I really wish I didn't have push lock doors though. x_x It's annoying. lol
  6. Kipsy


    I've never had another furry hug me besides my boyfriend and I have a couple of furry friends. I've also been to conventions and never been hugged by some random person. I think I might be unhuggable. Gasp! But seriously I'm not a "hug everyone" person. I don't like being hugged by strangers let...
  7. Kipsy

    Young Adult Furries

    I deceided to create a fursona when I was twenty. I knew about furriers since I was about sixteen, but wasn't completely sure what it was. I think
  8. Kipsy

    things you just dont understand

    Math. I know others have said this, but it's something I struggle with. I have a hard time with numbers in general they all end up looking a like to me. I'm in my last course before I graduate from University and it happens to be a math course. I'm trying my hardest and hopefully I will grasp...
  9. Kipsy

    Straight Furs?

    I'm straight. haha I like boobs however and if my boyfriend had boobs I'd be down to play with them. I've even made him boobs out of water balloons and pudding once! I think I'm just a breast appreciator.
  10. Kipsy

    Are you a Shy fur?

    I think I'm more shy online which sounds crazy but when I'm talking to people online I close myself off and end up with nothing to say. In a person to person situation I'm much more likely to speak up and get to a point where I cannot be shut up. I guess not being able to see people's reactions...
  11. Kipsy


    I'm really clumsy and the fact that I've managed to get into my twenties without breaking anything until I turned 22 was amazing. I broke and clipped my left ankle by falling off of a platform on the set of A Christmas Coral.
  12. Kipsy

    Do you talk to animals, your pets ect.

    I talk to myself more so than I talk to my pets. I do talk to my pets a lot, but it's more in a form of baby talk with them. The only time I've really talked to any of my dogs as like a person to person conversation was when someone was trying to break into our house. I told Tink (my eldest dog)...
  13. Kipsy

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Yeah, but only if I could turn it off when I want a break. I image I'd get a lot of hair balls if I was an actual cat.
  14. Kipsy

    What movies have made you cry like a baby?

    The last movies that really made me cry was The Book Thief. Movies don't usually make me cry even the really sad ones unless... if a movie has a father die in it or a father figure die in it I will cry. I have daddy loss issues and whenever I see movies like that it makes me think of losing my...
  15. Kipsy

    What would you do if your SO had a sex change?

    That's an interesting question that I haven't really given much thought to before. I'm a female and my mate is male and I consider myself straight. I love him so much and I think that it would be really, really hard for me to stop loving him in a romantic sense if he all of a sudden decided he...