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  1. Kiriska

    Looking for 'quotes' for a sketch/lineart for shirt.

    Cleaned up lineart, hm? One shirt to be made, never mass-produced? Of that character, probably $15-20. Gallery/examples here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kiriska/
  2. Kiriska

    $11 "Wispy Thing" Special Commission

    Since they are fast and fun, if you guys are interested, I'll take 10 "Wispy Thing" commissions done in the style of my recent submissions: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275828 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275831 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275836...
  3. Kiriska


    Can do! $7 + Paypal fee. :O
  4. Kiriska

    Anthro Snow Leopard

    I offer a variety of different commission types you might be interested in. :O I don't get to draw cats as often as I'd like. XD
  5. Kiriska

    Tattoo! Who will do one!?

    Would be able to do it for $30. There are a few tattoo examples on my general commissions page.
  6. Kiriska

    $7 Fullbody Inks

    Bump. :3
  7. Kiriska

    New fur looking for a fursona

    Quad/feral character portraits are about $25. Examples (these are pretty old though): One, Two, Three I also do character sheets with a la carte pricing with +$10 per quad view, +$15 per anthro view, and +$4 per headshot. Closeups of accessories can be negotiated. Examples: One, Two, Three.
  8. Kiriska

    $7 Fullbody Inks

    'Lo. Offering fullbody, heavily inked drawings. The price is $7.52/character with Paypal fee included. Quad, anthro, human, whatever. One character per drawing. Any number of drawings per person. They should be done within a week, but probably less. You get a high-res scan. Shipping within the...
  9. Kiriska

    Looking For Anime Type commissions

    deviantART examples. Prices, etc, linked from sig.
  10. Kiriska

    Looking for icons!

    $4/ea. More examples in gallery.
  11. Kiriska

    Concerning badge sizes

    They sell badge holders for 2.5x3.5" and 3x4" sizes, so those are pretty standard. I think more and more people are leaning towards bigger, weirder sizes and lamination only badges though (as opposed to badge holders).
  12. Kiriska

    The Laws of Kiriban

    Eh, honestly. The "rules" are whatever the artist feels like making them. After all, it's more them thanking their viewers more than anything else. No one else has the right to impose anything on them. If the artist wants hard, solid, documented proof and is only willing to draw a little doodle...
  13. Kiriska

    Drawing and shading by hand

    Drawing by hand is much, much easier for me, but lacking a scanner half the year when I'm not on campus, it's much more convenient for me to draw digitally.
  14. Kiriska

    Wanting to buy an icon commission

    Hmm...what kind of icon are you looking for? Like 100x100 icon or pixel icon or what? Examples of mech parts: One, Two. Examples of general 100x100 icons: I usually do those icons for $4/ea, but that may go up depending on what you're actually asking for. :> Shoot me an email, kiriska at...
  15. Kiriska

    Wanted: Gory/Violent Chibi (?) artist

    Hmm. This looks interesting. ^^ Chibi human examples: One, Two Chibi animal/pokemon examples: One Price will depend what exactly I end up drawing, but I'm thinking in the $15-25 range? If you're interested, please email me at kiriska at gmail.com. I don't check back to this forum regularly...