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Hello, I joined the fandom a month ago. I am 24, male and have lived in London my whole life. I am shy and often hides in the shadows but when I feel like talking you cannot tell. I am almost always friendly! I have always liked animals, as a kid a part of me secretly wanted to be one! But as that was not going to happen I did not think any more about it. As I got older I like the idea of anthropomorphic animal characters and I wanted to be one but again it was not going to happen so I just carried on as normal. I have came across the term "furry" a few times in the past but I always heard it was mostly about dressing up as animals and having sex in costumes! I have no problems with anyone who wants to do that but I wanted to stay far away from it.

Two months ago I came across some "furry cringe videos" on YouTube and I thought they were cringey but mostly I thought they were so cool and looked like fun people. As days went on I couldn't help but look at more furry videos. More I watched I started to realise the misconceptions I have heard are wrong. I liked watching furry convention videos and I want to get a fursuit and go to the conventions!

Now I love everything about the fandom like how friendly the community is, how artistic and creative the community is and how the fursuiters can make people happy. I am very annoyed that I didn't come across this fantastic fandom sooner. I have recently made my Fursona who is a wolfdog! I have talked to furries on furnation.com who are fantastic people. Now I am looking to make new furry friends.
Dec 29, 1992 (Age: 29)
England, London




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