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    522 errors

    So this issue is the CDN or "Content/Cloud delivery network." A CDN is basically redundant servers across different regions/parts of the world that host all the content that you see on the main site (in this case mostly images). CDN is used to make a website load fast for the user no matter...
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    Thumbnails and sometimes Images don't load (send help)

    It seems it may be sever side. There is another thread going on with similar issues: forums.furaffinity.net: 522 errors I'm not experiencing that now, but I have at random points in the past.
  3. kiroku

    522 errors

    This is interesting. From your picture it looks like it's having trouble connecting to their CDN domain. I was able to access that CDN link (nsfw lol) from the US and multiple CA IPs. I also tried out FurAffinity VPN'd into Canada. This could be a deeper issue within the site. I'll try to play...
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    Favorite Minecraft entity

    Edit: Fixed
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    Are feral furs more likely to be jerks than anthro furs?

    OP is only talking about feral attitudes and not the great debate :tm: between anthro and feral. In my experience, yeah, ferals do stand out more "strongly" than others. But this can be also be that feral characters are easier to steal/pretend as and not every feral avatar you see on the...
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    Question about someone editing artwork they commissioned from you

    Agreed! I admit, I have altered/edited a few commissions, but only for local and personal use like fitting the image to an aspect ratio for my background or filling in white space with a specific color to make it "better" as a background. I only post the original if I do choose to share it...
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    what`s your say on Tf art

    I don't personally have an affinity for it, but I can understand why some people like it. I don't much care for it, but If I was interested in anything about it, it's more about the end result than the actual transformation process of it.
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    "The Cleaners" (or The price of a "clean" internet)

    The other month, I watched a documentary by Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck called "The Cleaners." The documentary focuses on how major social media platforms and search engines use outsourced companies in places like the Philippines to manually sort through images and videos that are posted to...
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    General Bird-feeding Thread: Birds, bird-watching, bird-feeders

    This thread spiked my interest way more than I initially thought it would. Now it's time to research what cool birds are in my area..
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    Getting into cybersecurity?

    Don't worry, Google is everyone's friend no matter the position/level. I think you're going at it wisely. If you're lucky and find a company that values curiosity and an ambition to learn, using personal, at home experience can help, too. I remember when I first interviewed for my first NOC...
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    Getting into cybersecurity?

    I started my career learning networking terms and how it works. Having a solid fundamental IT background will help you in any branch of computing. Before jumping to security (it's great you have a path in mind!) familiarize yourself with basic things like the data link layer, routing, TCP/IP...
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    Forum Adult chatrooms needed.

    This whole thread is entertaining but this is my favorite post of the month.
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    Adult RP +18

    Don't worry, they exclusively only post about hyper vixen rp in threads..
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    Still 503'ing.

    It may be an IP issue. When you tried on mobile were you on cellular or wifi? If you have access to another network or even a VPN try accessing it that way and see if you still have access issues.
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    How do i tell my mom and dad im a furry

    If you know they will react badly to it, I don't see any reason there is to tell them - unless there is some kind of compelling reason. Being a "furry" is just an easy term to describe an interest in anthro art, writing, costuming, or anything else.