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Kit H. Ruppell
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  • Thanks for the link! I haven't seen that one yet, I'll check it out!
    And seriously, thanks for the reply. You're wicked awesome, kid!
    LMFAO - Thanks!
    Hey - Noticed you posted a group photo of Massachusetts Fur Bowl... I just got into the furry stuff and was thinking of coming out to a fur meet, but not sure what to expect. I've looked at some of the pages here and on FA, but can't seem to get anything more than "WE'RE WICKED AWESOME IN MASSACHUSETTS, KID" lol. You're the first person that I'm contacting directly. I didn't send a PM or friend request because well... I'm a stranger and it's creepy for first contact lol. Hope to hear from you and maybe hang out with the whole gang one day!

    -Leo in Maynard, MA 01754
    Hey...Saw you in one of the random minecraft server blogs on here i bumped into searching for a minecraft server to just hangout an build in....sorry if the random add creeped ya. But hey...better then Creepers right? Umm...do you know of a good Furry Minecraft server with fair an honest admins? One thats drama free an doesnt give the stereotypical furry feel to it but one that actually is pretty nice an enjoyable?
    I recognized your name at the bottom of your page in the birthday sextion, so happy birthday!
    Sure thing dude. Maybe more time will open up for you later and we'll get to talk, or talking on the forums is always cool too.
    All I own is Close to the Edge and Fragile, though I've heard bits of their 80's 'comeback' album (the name of it escapes me but it was all numbers). I'd like to get more of their stuff and learn more about prog rock since I've always been a fan of other progressive forms of music like progressive dance and especially pop. In addition to yes, I own a few albums from a band named Saga, ever heard of them? Also maybe you'd like to talk about prog on an instant messenger sometime?
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