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    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) NSFW furry commissions $25.90

    +$10.90 for backgrounds +$20.90 for additional characters +$5.90 for clothes and accessories I have added the second picture as an example of what my painted art looks like, these are going to be tests to see how well my furry art comes out painted, haven’t done them in about four years now...
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    Hiring: Looking for artist(s) that specializes in curvy & shortstack character commissions. (25-500$+)(NSFW)

    Hello, I can do this for $325.90USD, Here is examples of my furries and then examples of my paintings so you know what you’re getting, I’ve got lots of experience in digital painting and backgrounds, please discord me at kitcatmilk#5485 of interested <3
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    Hiring: 2 character tickling fetish picture (closed)

    Hi! I can do that for $100.00! Here is my paintings as examples, dw I can do those characters too not just cats! I’ve posted an example of how my furries would look as well, the paintings are to show you my style, please discord me kitcatmilk#5485, thank you!
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    Hiring: Quick Reference sheet/s needed {nsfw commission}(03/13)

    For some reason it didn’t show the other file so here’s two more examples: I can do dogs/wolves too. <3
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    Hiring: Quick Reference sheet/s needed {nsfw commission}(03/13)

    i am doing some furry commissions for $25.90 USD! +$10.90 for backgrounds, I can do a reference sheet! I also do NSFW. <3 I am doing these for cheap as I’m trying to get into furry art and so yeah! I’ve posted a example of more other paintings to show what it would look like finished (if you...
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    I have this YCH auction open for grabs, I’ve been trying to get rid of it for awhile now! I have it up in other places too though <3 I’m gonna see how it does here (: so any bids would be awesome! I’m trying to save to get out of my moms house so my daughter has more space since she’s starting...
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    Commissions (Selling) OPEN! Digitally Painted CATS&DOGS *realistic*

    Commissions Currently Open! NOTE — I have screenshotted my art from my Instagram and cropped because I’m just lazy and don’t feel like searching for my files in google photos lmaoooo, had to add because you can tell stuff is cropped out on some of them. This is the real Kitcatmilk! (-: I'm...