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  • I don't know, honestly. Seems a controlled way to impact the bone.

    Yeah no, never conditioning my hands. Don't need em for striking, and seems a good way to get arthritis.
    Honestly I've just been lightly hitting my shins with a rattan stick, same with forearms.
    Okay cool, thank you.

    I could always ask to do shin conditioning, but silat way is just kicking eachothers shins till they are all purple and swollen.
    Well, just to get that bone stronger in general. In silat we also use them to trap, pin, and slice limbs.
    I tried searching you on Steam and got no results. Can you send me a request? My Steam is LazerMaster5.
    It's really good, to me it's got a ton of emotion behind it and they way they use the instruments is something to behold.
    Thought you might also like Junkhead :p
    I'm sorry for always being such an ass to you, but have you heard the album Dirt by Alice In Chains? You might like it.
    Bro you can come here and take all the point brownies you want.
    A bit thing in silat and aikido is getting to one side of a person.

    So you can have the chair assume the role of a person, and practice getting to it's side or back while practicising forms. You really have to visualize it, though.

    I use my dogs and Mom to practice stuff, but that is the best idea for solo I have right now.
    One thing you can do is get like a chair or something, and practice getting to the side or back while doing your things.
    I'm glad you got it rolling, but it sucks that it is screwing with your muay thai.

    If only we had robots at home to practice with. Fleshy ones
    I'm glad you are doing okay, anything new for you?

    I'm a shop worker for shipping in industrial manufactoring, full time 7AM-3:30PM.
    How are you, we've not talked in awhile.I'm always digging up silat vids if you want any though xD
    Yes, that's very very true.

    In martial arts we think we train our minds, but in reality we train our bodies to react because there is no time to think, and that takes awhile.

    I'm just really excited to be back in pencak silat, it's great stuff.
    I hope I'm not bugging you with these messages.

    Every one of the things in the videos except for the application from the harimau box are ways to train your body to react in certain ways. With the harimau hands, it would be fast and easy to bring a strike to one side, attack the eyes, then attack the head/neck/etc, and the drill which is on the video is designed to teach you all the ways of hand movements and striking rather than be actual techniques.

    The cimande arm strike things I think are ways to get past that first strike and into a position where you can do some damage, you don't need to scoop after you do it.

    I dunno man, but I appreciate you talking with me about these and do value your opinion.
    Well the harimau hands, those are entries, and in that set is like a bunch of different techniques.

    I dunno, I just woke up.
    Thank you.

    So what did you think of the specific techniques and stuff?
    Hey Kitsune, I thought I'd show you some self reference videos for silat I made with my Mom.

    So it's not fancy, and I'm doing them alot sloppier with her, but these are how we learn techniques, just wanted to show you they aren't complicated or hard to learn.

    Here's the unlisted playlist, I'll prob add more to it as we cover more, I just got back into it and that stuff plus some more harimau walking was what we covered that day.

    I sound/look like a dumb asshole... but aw well, man.
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