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  • Well, goodnight man.

    I've been really bored lately, so silat binge. Just message me anytime you want some material on that, or talking about anything.
    It's easier to talk when you comment on my page, got a skype?

    Not really hard to learn, but did you look up cimande destruction?
    The techniques look really effective, like something very aplicable for dangerous situations (which are not rare here), and really limited for sports as a lot of the best stuff is not allowed, it also looks like it may be a bit difficult to learn
    Last, but most relevant to me, a tiny demonstration of Mande Muda pencak silat (a school with bits of all 21 base styles of indonesia, mainly cimande (think destruction, joints, limbs), cikalong (more joint manipulation), and harimau (that crazy ground stuff as well as other stuff) by Rita Suwande (who visited the pencak silat class here which was pretty freakin wicked, just I was up visiting my dad at the time. This is the style of silat I learn:


    Notice the limb destruction? She's going very sparse with it....

    Feel free to send me stuff you find cool too.
    Hey, thought it might be fun to share some pencak silat videos with you.

    So first off, pencak silat as applied to MMA/sports, thought it might interest you because you do that (lucky): http://youtu.be/i1N8hD2yaHM

    You don't see alot of things you'd see in real situations (for real, look up cimande limb destruction/joint breaking), but idk was just looking to see if someone had yet to use some of the stuff you don't see in sports in sports.

    Next: Cikalong and elbows: http://youtu.be/9hT8L2hKjBg
    This is silat as you would learn it, well cikalong silat.

    Next: a fellow in Qatar showing a mix of a style of cikalong, what looks like harimau, and some knife fighting. Not really serious, but it's good stuff:
    I saw the gifs on wikipedia xD

    It's really got me thinking on ways of incorporating more natural body movements.

    What it seems to me is that involves alot of kicks, but does it in more natural and safer positions for the body (both in doing and in if they trap it) than Tae Kwon Do or such, and also focus heavily on evasion over blocking.

    Some of that stuff seems real smart, and what I'd do if low to the ground.

    So yeah, me impressed.
    haven't done it in about 4 months, just fell out of the habit

    The basis for jeet kune do is wing chun, jeet kune do is essentially that + fitness + whatever works.
    I have a cousin who does it a few hours from me, the instructor was one of lee's friends or something like that... you can tell from him what he learns it legit. There, they throw in filipino silat and pencak silat.
    yo, looked up capoeira stuff.

    Yeah, that's freaking awesome, though some of the moves are impractical it'd still be a cool art to train in, man.

    My official recommend list for people is still aikido, pencak silat, wing chun & jeet kune do... but I wish I could take a capoeira class too.

    I need to get back into silat :/
    Hahah, oh yes it is! Sweet, sweet leaf.

    That's some cool cover! I think I prefer the RATM one though

    Yea, I never really liked Mustaine, but a lot of people follow him so I guess he gotta be doin something right
    I've spent my time looking at stuff, if you want send me a list of what's availible and I can share my knowledge/impressions on them.
    It won't be a problem, you must learn not to give them a chance to grab it... And if it is a respectable instition, they will not grab your hair.

    If they can grab your hair someone could gouge your eyes.... Things like this must be taken into consideration.

    Sure there are no others arts down there?
    Just don't go to the ground.

    I said it before and will say it again: check out kazeutabudokai.com. Learn good judo habits and ideas, so when you are in that class you do your best to do it right.

    And learn to deal with weapons.... And to not be hit.
    I do not know anything of that style to be honest.

    Are there any other options where you live?
    What other options are there?

    Judo, treated as a spot, is a horrible waste if you ask me.
    Done right, it is effortless, pure, efficient... But sports are sports.
    I meant for the styles you are looking at xD

    I'll ask around... Sometime.

    I was actually really good at BJJ, but don't want to learn it (my good habits from pencak silat would be ruined).
    Maybe we could talk about what you can find in the area, pros and cons?

    I'm a cynic when it comes to such things... But that's not always bad.
    Hey man, how would you recommend getting started in MMA?

    I don't really want to "learn" MMA, although I wouldn't mind practicing my own ways (of pencak silat y aikido) with them.

    Not really scared to just hop in the ring either, I know I'll be fine.

    Also, learn anything interesting lately?
    The AF is the second easiest branch of the US military. Comparison:

    AF- run 2 1/2 miles at end, no combat gear
    Army- march 13 miles in full combat gear
    Marines- March for three days straight in full combat gear, 1 meal a day.


    The pay and benefits. It'd be that or go to college ( aw hell no ), or work min wage till I die.
    Well I get 3 1/2 months or so till I go to basic training for the AF, gotta find somethin to kill the time.

    Parents are chill if it's not a job, as long as I get out. Maybe thinking of taking up MMA, not to learn anything but it'd be fun to show up some fools and get more reacquinted with the human body.
    That is a really cool riff in your sig, even with my awful bass skills.

    How have you been?
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