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  • Been training hard! Sometimes it's get a little to receive some hits be getting used to it is amazing too
    The backfalls of our school of aikido are influenced by judo, and are pretty cool.

    Such a nice skill to have.
    Do you mean a mat? xD

    You shouldn't really need one, you can do it outdoors.
    There's also vids on learning breakfalls and rolls, those are handy
    Yeah, if I were you I'd just stick to the forums, or Nick Lowry's YouTube channel which hosts the vids, that way you know you are getting the good stuff.

    Demonstrations are silly in my mind, all flash and show.

    I'm sorry to be such a grump, but if you want to talk more you can add me on Skype at Kosdu_Waya
    Compared to stuff like Tae Know Do or Karate-Do that indeed has competitions.

    I think the only rule in the moment it was created was to not kill the oponent.
    In the arts I learn there are no points or competition, we are there to learn not prove ourselves.

    I would gladly do an MMA fight if given the chances.

    And what it seems to me is that BJJ is a style of judo that focuses on the ground and takes away some of the finer points, atleast when tought most of the time.

    I do not know Gracie, but I highly doubt that if many of the masters of the world were in that tournament, the results would have been as desireable. Or if the rules were different.
    In silat, I have discovered a different paradigm for ground work, which I greatly prefer over western ground, due to it's practicality. We do not limit our manueverability or ability to deal with multiple attackers, which is the bane of arts such as BJJ. We instead focus on dealing with the threat as quickly and effectively as possible while being able to avoid getting our heads stomped in the ground. Which hurts.

    If you can find it in the aikido discussion forums on kazeutabudokai, somebody did link a gif of someone actually using a rough move from aikido in an MMA fight. It's pretty cool if I remember.

    Sorry for going batshit, I feel odd today. What to say?
    I actually would like to enter MMA, because alot of those fools think aikidō is bullshit.
    And I would actually like it. Just wouldn't let the other guy hit me, see how the spectators would like that.

    Why I am getting so upset is MMA is the polar opposite of aikidō. It's brutal, innefficient, revelling in destruction. Aikidō is learned often (and used by law enforcement) because it requires no destruction of the attacker in defending yourself. I have read MMA people see it as ineffective due to this, and because they did not take the time to understand it.
    Crappy sport judo is used, and no aikido.

    To be frank, MMA is seen not as martial arts but just simple bloodsport. If someone were to actually use them there, people would not let them come back.

    Most martial artists hold little respect for MMA.
    In aikidō, the most direct thing for using an enemies force against them is drawing a strike out along it's vector, while adding force. While being offline, of course. We actually seem to rely heavily on the rise and fall of the body, natural reflexes like the head going back if it appears to be in danger, and the balance and feet posistions of our target.

    Aikidō may look like bs, but it is a good way of learning. Just takes awhile.

    On the forums you can ask questions and stuff, very friendly, Nick Lowry is the head and a sweet guy, Kyle Sloan is the head for judō and same. You can even see some of the dipshit stuff I posted "Joe Trainor".

    Fuck I babble, enjoy!
    To me the biggest defence and offence you can have is getting off the line of attack.
    It's actually very easy, just don't be on there and then you have control over one side of their body and can feel any actions coming from them.

    Look up KazeUtaBudoKai.com, click on the link for videos. It is the home of my aikidō school, though they also do jōdō and judō. To me they are the mecca for aikido, all things based on practicality, without being stuck in tradition but very nice and respectful. The first things we learn are the eight releases, for parries, posistioning, wrist grabs, and getting used to the body. At the same time we learn "The Walk" which is the only solo forms we have, all moves are contained within. Then we learn the 17.... etc.
    I'm going to link a vid that is really not representative of cimande as I know it, and for some odd reason they are doing it while sitting, but it'll help you imagine the sidestep/forearm crush I told you about: http://youtu.be/6OZ6wS-bpqI

    Except we did it while standing, and the parry was a strike while we moved to their outside and there was only a slight delay between the first and second strike, so alot smoother. And cooler.

    I'm going to dig deeper for more vidyas, sometime.
    I'll see what I can do.

    Sparring with friends I learned to apply a key concept, "Defanging the snake", by slapping their wrists and arms before they hit me. I can do ridiculous pain by that, as it turns out.

    I like one of the basic Cimande things where you sidestep the strike and basically wreck their forearm by slamming down both of your forearm bones on theirs.

    A funny thing is that these different styles of Pencak Silat and Aikidō have alot in common, principles and otherwise. Chikalong and Aikidō both are outside arts, all the styles apply defanging the snake and have a focus on dealing with multiple attackers, and their bases is in the footwork. Aikidō is disregarded as effective by many because they never took the damn thing and didn't realize the valueable principles that are learned, and silat is seen as strange and mysterious cause there ain't no crackers in it.

    I just woke up. Yo.
    He teaches legit for the joy of teaching, but only has a few students because it's not Karate xD

    And cool

    Wish I could show you some cimande, I mean it is incredibly powerful and destructive. Cool stuff.
    What is Baguazhang? An indiginous art?

    Cool, unfortunatly I usually don't feel well enough to attend silat. I'll never get a chance like this, only like 10people worldwide outside of indonesia have learned Mande Muda to the point they are considered teachers themselves.
    Cool, I'm kinda a martial arts nut myself.

    For harder methods, cimande/harimau silat are pretty awesome. I really respect them, even if I haven't them for long and videos are difficult to find.
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