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  • You: "Here, try out this ice cream I'm making!" Me: Um, Okay...? *tries it and valiantly holds it in, then somehow manages to swallow* You: "What do you think? Does it need more chili powder?" Me: "Chili...powder"? What flavor is this? You: "Fully-Loaded Chilly Cheese Dog! Isn't it just scrumptious?" Me: *eyes crossing, getting brainfreeze for the "other" reason* Me: Jus' a sec'. I think it's reloading. I'll give you my second opinion in jus' a- *horks, then hurls* Yeah, um, interesting...

    "Interesting" can be a sort of social safeword. I think some peeps - especially the polite ones - tend to use it as a filler, if they don't have anything nicer to say. As if it means, "Not to blow your kindness and enthusiasm out of the water and thanks for the gesture/thought, but I really don't know what to say. I'll probably remember this moment with a sort of awkward fondness, years from now. If we're still on speaking terms then and not, in fact, mortal enemies trying to poison each other..."
    I actually expected you to be clever/cute about your Response. But hey, being "interesting" is good too! Of course, you KNOW what "interesting" means in code, right?
    Probably inside one of those organs they can't seem to figure out. Tonsils, Appendix, Spleen...
    Re: What Do You Hope...

    I agree. Does this mean you don't think you can ever be truly happy? What about Contentment?
    I would but I don't think it's relevant at this point and I feel like talking about the ban on the forum would get me in trouble anyways. 0:

    Thanks for asking, though!
    Aww! That sucks! I'm planning on going there next summer but hopefully my french will deter such encounters ;P
    Haha, okay! Goodnight C:
    Yeah! It was a really funny story though, just cuz the cashier was such an ass about it. they sat on a chair with their legs on the counter while reading a magazine until my teacher walked up to them. then they glared at her. omfg it was such an amazing story.
    Not everyone is like that, but it's kind of interesting that those people exist and there are actually quite a few of them. someone wouldn't sell her 6 baguettes cuz she didn't say 6 right in french LOL
    Omfg that's amazing
    All ive heard is that my hs french teacher lived in france for a while and grocery store cashier wouldn't let her buy her food since she didn't have the exact change xP
    I know! The Romance languages. c: But I've heard that it's closer to italian and spanish than french or the other major romance languages o: Idk tho.
    I see I see. I know a few native french speakers here in 'murica but they're all assholes -m-
    Haha, true P: They're still really rude though. Or so I'm told.
    Thanks! C: I find languages fascinating and really fun c: I've never tried portuguese but I hear it's pretty similar to italian and spanish? Idunno though. I don't have anywhere to improve any of my languages, though :c I don't know anyone who speaks french or japanese as well or better than me at all :c which is disappointing.
    Hahaha P: I speak french and japanese too. i just havent actually taken any spanish classes :c But when I do say things in spanish, my friends say I have a castillian accent o:
    Ooh! Cool! C: I speak a tiny bit of Spanish. Not nearly enough :c I sort of went through the grammar but I have no vocabulary :c But that's cool! C:
    I saw in the languages thread that your first language isn't English. You might have said this and I just missed it, but what is your first language? Is it Spanish or Portuguese or something else? P: Sorry, I'm just curious.
    I was lucky, we had an ugly guitarist and an ugly singer, so me and the bassist always pulled.

    Feel sorry for bands with good looking guys at the helm. :L
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