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    So how about them games everyone plays

    Silent Hill series is my favorite, but the fifth isn't out yet, so currently I'm obsessed with: The orange box- at part 2, finished HL2 and portal. I love this game so much I could have violent sex with it. Counterstrike/zombie master- Just bought and currently LOVING to death and making...
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    Epic YTMNDs

    LOL That is the best song ever, I actually saved it from the site too. For portable listening.
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    Epic YTMNDs

    Golly gee! Would I ever!!!
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    any thing funny happened to you lately?

    Well, I had another zombie dream last night, it was scary though, not funny. So just ignore that, because I don't exist and have no social skills.
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    Epic YTMNDs

    lol, here are some of my personal favourites: http://gumpin.ytmnd.com/ http://wrong-mine-track.ytmnd.com/ http://dodgson.ytmnd.com/ (I recommend watching keatonkeaton999's ytmnd's, he makes his own music, it's all really cool and funny.) http://spartafuntimes.ytmnd.com/ (another must-see of...
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    What game got you started?

    Oh man, I've been addicted to video games since I was like, 3 or 4. Cause I don't think I started school yet. But I remember my cousin had a SNES, and I always wanted to play it SO badly. But every time I ever got my hands on a game I'd play it till I was forced to let go. When I got my...
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    This bear is awesome

    lol, harvest the meat.
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    This pear is awesome

    My friend was telling me about that. They used it in witch hunting. They also used to hang women upside down with their legs apart, and take a big saw and saw through their vagina's. It's funny cause, if you confessed, they'd kill you. If you didn't confess, they'd torture you in those...
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    Hugs do not leave a delicious taste in my mouth. But they do feel good! :twisted:
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    Online Relationships

    Well all I can say is.. I have never really 'looked' for someone. I always thought it was just best to wait until I find someone who is as crazy as I am, or at least who enjoys it.. Though, I never found anyone like this in person, I've never been the social type, more of the observer...
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    Greetings! I come to you bearing gifts of joy! *Joy is emitted from face* Just to name my fursona, I'm a pure white cat person with wings. My reason for the wings are because I've day dreamed away whole French classes, just imagining Sprouting white cat ears, tail, wings, and sometimes...