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    SUDDENLY, An Autumn Banner For You

    Thank you all very much for your support! I posted it on this forum in desperation a couple weeks back, but now I will play it off as a smooth move and put on my cool sunglasses.
  2. Kittiara

    SUDDENLY, An Autumn Banner For You

    This would definitely be a better November banner, I agree! But whoring it out a month in advance is probably my best bet. *stoic tear* Thanks guys! But next time I will tie it to a brick, I think Zeke is right that it would work better.
  3. Kittiara

    SUDDENLY, An Autumn Banner For You

    Site Discussion, you'll notice there's a banner on your face. It's because I threw it at you, but it's because I love you and I want to know if there is a better way than that to submit a banner? I guess next time I could tie it to a brick and then throw it, but I'm going for hearts and...
  4. Kittiara

    Autumnal Masqurade Portraits and $11 Bondage Icons!

    $11 to $15 Bondage Icons-- Singles, Couples, Threesomes and Moresomes welcomed! Journal with information, pricing, and slots here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1695313/ $20 Masquerade Portraits - Celebrate Autumn! Information and Link to Journal here...
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    'Foreplay' Painting - Cute and risque fun!

    This auction is for a couples-picture, a cute and sexy 'foreplay' image. Not full intercourse or mere snogging, I would like to offer a nicely erotic image for any who might want one! MATURE CONTENT: An example of what I'm offering: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4421544 Link to the...
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    The Root of All Evil...

    I clicked everything
  7. Kittiara

    COMMISSIONS: Paintings - $33 and Pop Icons - $15

    SLOTS HERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1639619/ Now onto the nitty gritty! Offering TWO types of commissions. Semi-Monochrome 'Sketch' Paintings: Price: $33 Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3953858/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3824606/...
  8. Kittiara

    Discounted Convention Badge Commissions! (Only 5 Days)

    Greetings, all! Convention season is slowly gaining momentum, and in honor of this, I would like to offer discounted badge commissions for all your convention identification needs! The normal price of $30 has been discounted to $25-- and there are 3 slots...
  9. Kittiara

    VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL - Discounted Couples Commission!

    Four days left, please check it out! :)
  10. Kittiara

    VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL - Discounted Couples Commission!

    ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT - Discounted Couples Commission! Salutations! Would you like to get a special something for your partner this Valentine's Day? Look no further, for I'd like to spread a little love to all you cute couples! This time only, I will be offering a picture with the second...
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    crocheted fursuit

    Dude, you're insane. It's awesome. Can anybody resist wanting to hug you? That particular fabric is kind of... magnetic.
  12. Kittiara


    I'm selling canine-shaped mask blanks, but fur, eyes, and everything else have to be added. Link: http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitauctions/1109096.html If you meant completely pre-made or are looking for somebody to commission, however, I suggest you head on over to Fursuit Auctions...
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    Cast Resin Mask Blanks! - Canine ON SALE NOW

    I'm going to be offering Cast Resin Canine/Vulpine/Lupine/Whatever Mask Blanks. These are very light-weight; more specfically, these are made of Urethane plastic. -These can be used as-is for a very thin-faced look, or you can add foam to the cheeks, brow, and wherever else to give it a...
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    Furry Girl problems

    She sounds like a real catch.
  15. Kittiara

    How do you explain fetishes?

    We have fetishes because at some point something was impressed upon us. Also we're fucked in the head.