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    Post something odd about you!

    When I'm describing where something is, I almost always wiggle my left and right hands alternating up and down. Stupid hands!
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    Song sounds/sections that tickle your brain

    I've always been fascinated with how certain sounds or sections in songs can be incredibly satisfying when they finally come, or just the sound on its own tickles some part of your brain. I'll provide examples of this that affect me, and I'd love to hear what other songs people have that affect...
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    Game: bad genies

    Granted! It's miles long and obliterating absolutely everything you love. I'm sorry. I wish for a bounty of worms at my command.
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    show me your fursonas !

    I don't have any refs or anything. But I absolutely love that sona.
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    What does the person above you smell like?

    Car filled with fast food bags and the smell of cigarettes. (We meet again, Mr. Wolf)
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    What does the person above you smell like?

    A dangerous wild animal. And coffee.
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    What say to birb friend? Help

    It kinda works as a blanket term I think, the same way people will sometimes call scalies furries as well. More in reference to the fandom than the specific sona or its species, maybe.
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    Insult the poster above you

    I bet you're the type of customer who orders 20 bananas for pickup, and never comes to get them.
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    I'm starting to question things again

    GOD I feel you. And feel free to ever talk to me about stuff! I only actually came to realize I was trans earlier this year, after (too) many years of pushing it down.
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    I'm starting to question things again

    I have. Most often it's after I have a dream where I'm fully a girl and everything feels right, but occasionally it'll happen randomly too. Or when putting your hands there, sometimes it's just a weird feeling like something's missing. Yes, it's super rude of the nerves!! Why can't they just be...
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    Ban The Person Above You.

    Banned for extracurricular activities and enjoying yourself.
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    Your fursona goes to a cafe...

    Probably some very strong tea, and maybe some sort of pastry? Uh. I'm not sure if she eats. I should really ask her about that.
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    What's the weirdest genre of music that you're into?

    This album is SOOOOO good. I love when other people like it. When I first listened to noise music it gave me so much anxiety but now it's really nice. It's like an extreme form of listening to an album, not liking it the first time, and then listening to it again and suddenly liking it. I...
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    New years resolution?

    Getting a job outside of retail! No longer will I need to deal with unruly customers. Maybe I can upgrade to dealing with unruly coworkers. Who knows. Also continuing work on creative output. Maybe show people some stuff from time to time.