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  • Thanks, I got it from a gif I found one of those image search sites, it's apparently from an Anime called "Dance In The Vampire Bund". Haven't seen the anime but I think I'm going to start. The gif shows the werewolf fighting a naked vampire(It has Ecchi I guess), it looks pretty bad ass.
    Yeah I've noticed there isn't a lot of jobs ANYWHERE! And him being broke is making me broke. I wont kick him out because he has nowhere to go so I just hope he finds work soon. lol Maybe I will whore him out for extra cash XD jk
    Yeah getting the money lately has been my problem lately as well. Even with my discounts. My roommate lost his job so I'm having to support both of us until he can get work again O.O lol
    I have "El Dorado" on my collar bone, a very feather on my left forarm (friendship tattoo with my bros), a heart and vines on my right forarm, a celtic cross on my left bicep area, and "We are the violent" tattooed over the top of my right foot. I get them kind of cheap because I have some friends that are tattoo artists.
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