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I'm a bisexual (male lean lol) snow leopard who's been in the fandom for about a few years. I have several OCs, and I love roleplay, I have quite a bit of experience, though I'm having a bit of a burnout, so I might not rp a lot now. Sorry in advance. I do love meeting new people! PMs welcome! Extra points if it's an in-character PM! Just be sure to let me know it is, lol.

Please note that I may wanna be a feral for a fair amount of roleplays/light rp, and I do get a little apprehensive about talking about it. If you don't like it, just say so and don't crucify me for liking it, kthnx :3! Always wanting to find someone who has this in common with me, since not many frens of mine do have feral sonas.

I've taken basic class for CAD design. I'm also interested in bartending. Big railfan. Wish i could do more train stuff. Also also interested in SWAT/police/paramedic. But not looking for a job in any.
Speaking of, I'm practically jobless. Any fellow furs have a work-from-home offer I'd be happy to discuss. Whether I'm joking or not depends on whether or not you have an offer.
Oct 4, 2003 (Age: 19)
Stuck at home, wish I had a bigger room :3
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