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  1. Konna-ni

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    An anthro dinosaur. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13969038/
  2. Konna-ni

    Konna's Sketchbook

    I attempted a dino today. Named "Apata" because I am not creative.
  3. Konna-ni

    Commissioners and artists: How long is reasonable to wait for art?

    As long as you give some indication of your progress throughout, the commissioner should be fairly comfortable with the timetable you set. I have not done an auction before, but for all my other commissions I have completed them within a day to two weeks. It helps to have a broad but reasonable...
  4. Konna-ni

    Caring for a blind and deaf dog

    Thank you for the concern. I know that I, personally, have been trying to mentally prepare for it for quite some time. I am sure it will still eat me up, but not as much as if I had been trying to deny it.
  5. Konna-ni

    Konna's Animated Fursona

    Definitely. Though I would never take the time to animate them individually... That is just too strange for my tastes.
  6. Konna-ni

    Caring for a blind and deaf dog

    Oh, thank you very much for that. I will try that forum sometime. His sight is much too bad for signals, unfortunately. He can only track motion and light at this point. But I will keep working with the touch commands. He is really coming around to them lately. While I'm not fond of your...
  7. Konna-ni

    Caring for a blind and deaf dog

    My little pekingese is around 14 years old now, and his sight started to go long ago, so we are used to that. But recently he has begun to lose his hearing at a rapid pace. We first noticed it when we would have to shake him awake because he wouldn't respond to calls. I was worried at first...
  8. Konna-ni

    YCH Auction worth it for an unknown artist?

    It couldn't hurt you to try one anyway. I think that would be the best indicator. At any rate, it's not like you are really losing anything by going ahead and putting an auction up. The worst that can happen is no one responds. Then you will have an answer.
  9. Konna-ni

    Konna's Animated Fursona

    Thank you. Cows are my favorite animal. You are right, I used Emofuri for the first time making this. It was actually pretty easy for me to get used to. I'm planning on experimenting more with it.
  10. Konna-ni

    Who here has tried Krita?

    I have seen Krita floating around on Tumblr lately, but have been putting it off for quite some time due to my love for SAI. But seeing some of the features today (I had never given it a hard look) has caught my attention, and so I am going to give it a shot. I was wondering if anyone else had...
  11. Konna-ni

    C R I T I Q U E S ?? Please I'm begging.

    Is there any specific image you would want critiqued? I am usually wary of choosing my own image to offer crit because people often give the "Oh, well I didn't work very hard on that one, so that's why" excuse.
  12. Konna-ni

    traditional pencil critique please

    It is a nice image. I do not think it necessarily matters if it is digital or not, but anyway, I will try my best to make some suggestions. I do like the subtle shading indicating muscle tone. The general lighting is nice, though I do think a bit more contrast would draw the eye better and...
  13. Konna-ni

    Konna's Sketchbook

    Thank you very much.
  14. Konna-ni

    Konna's Sketchbook

    I did not figure it was anything inappropriate. I guess I have never fully understood where the 'line' is.
  15. Konna-ni

    Konna's Sketchbook

    I will just post some things I am working on every now and then. ________ I've been working on another picture of my fursona that I may animate later.. First, I start with my ugly torso-like thing... which helps me draw the body over it. And then it is not a stretch to sketch on the details.