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  • Thanks for the concern, I'll manage. I seem to have mood swings and when I wrote that yesterday I wasn't in the highest spirits. Quite right now though.
    Two places.
    DLI in Cali, followed by a few months at Goodfellow AFB in Texas.
    I actually have family day/graduation these next two days.
    We get our phones for about 10-30 minutes a week in the phase we're in. I only have a few days before i'm off to AIT.

    I forgot how hot Oklahoma gets in the summer, especially with boots and long sleeves.
    I sent you a skype invite but I don't know if you still use that account.

    I think I need a little help with composing something. I'm not exactly sure what would be an acceptable feeling to put in.
    I'm still quite emotional. I doubt I'll be able to write anything without getting super emotional again. Maybe later... Or tomorrow... But I'll get onto it at some point.
    I'll do what I can. When this ache abates and is replaced with the numbness of a new reality, I will do what I can. For Red.
    I would've loved to have gone, but I spent most of my vacation and I was already committed to Myschievia. I'd invited her to that too. I think she would've made a great burner.

    I'll write her name on the chapel effigy this year. I just... I wish I didn't have to. I wish there were more I could do to feel whole.
    I'll have to be. I long since decided suicide wasn't an option, something she helped me decide. So my only option is to soldier on, with a hole where a friend used to be.
    Aww, thank you! It's disappointing how set back this place can be in some regards :c

    Best wishes to your friend and you ~
    It abhors me to exercise the cliché, but it's going to need to get worse before things can improve.
    But you know, that's the way of the world so you just keep a stiff lip and carry on.
    "and Fallow, many people don't think you you and I seem to"

    I can't figure out what this means.
    Well the French and Spanish are nothing like each other either, and they mixed and mingled all the time and were right next to each other. A lot of it has to do with identity, what that group saw themselves as. The Deer considered their identity as hunters, the LongHair considered themselves peacekeepers thus their culture reflected that. Each clan reflected a aspect of Cherokee culture as a whole, yet with different focuses.
    Electricity just returned and I couldn't be happier. The earthquake this morning is really something.

    And you?
    That is interesting. A bit disappointed that the weapon is just called kapak kecil however. Was hoping that it have other name.
    Ah yes, we already bumped into each other quickly and she has my Skype, although time zone differences have proven to be a barrier.

    Thanks for the advice though, mate. :3
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