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  1. Kosmo Kittypup

    Fursonas as characters vs personal avatars

    it's really nice how people can express themselves via their fursonas in different ways, however they're most comfortable. i feel like for me, kosmo can really vary with where he is on this spectrum. sure, he's a future space guy, but at the same time i apply him to a lot of mundane little...
  2. Kosmo Kittypup

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    and it was quite a hoot!
  3. Kosmo Kittypup

    What would you, personally, call cat/dog hybrid fursonas?

    the most obvious option "catdog" is mostly associated with the show and is hard to thing of differently, "dogcat" doesn't sound good, "puppycat" is also a taken by a show... i strongly prefer "kittypup" as an option, obviously! but i was wondering, what do other people think?
  4. Kosmo Kittypup

    i'm late, but thank you!!!

    i'm late, but thank you!!!
  5. Kosmo Kittypup

    New ref for my fursona - Help me brainstorm outfits!

    recently i finished a new ref for kos! if you wanna give your thoughts on him, feel free~ but what i'm interested in is what sorts of outfits would he look good in, or fit his whole vibe? for context, he's a real eager space lad who goes ship to ship freelance, fixin' n cleanin' things for...
  6. Kosmo Kittypup

    Give bad advice to the User above you

    just unplug your keyboard and you won't press any hotkeys! how do i put the star on top of the christmas tree when i'm too short to reach it?
  7. Kosmo Kittypup

    What are some uncommon species you want to see more?

    i wanna see more skiltaire around, since they've got a real long history and have been around before the furry fandom as we know it was even established. take things back to the roots, y'know?
  8. Kosmo Kittypup

    Space furs, where you at?

    funnily enough, while i've heard great things about both i've seen neither! my main influence is probably dirty pair, and then there's a bunch of niche junk nobody cares to remember that inspire me, too. i'll get around to the bigger series folks want me to watch one day....
  9. Kosmo Kittypup

    What video game are you playing...

    replaying outer worlds rn and trying to actually shoot things instead of meleeing everything i possibly can. controller aim is... a struggle, but i'm workin' with it! i have a bad habit of playing games with shootin' in em and deciding to smack everything to death instead.
  10. Kosmo Kittypup


    when you can't find the article you bookmarked that you SWORE you were gonna read later, really! occultation
  11. Kosmo Kittypup

    multiple fursonas?

    i have two fursonas, technically, but only tend to use one for the most part! kosmo is very much me in whatever sense i see fit at any moment, but my secondary one, novaheart, hasn't gotten much usage just yet. nova's more meant to be pretty casual and brainless in the first place, i guess, so...
  12. Kosmo Kittypup

    Space furs, where you at?

    any variety of space related, be it grounded realistic astronauts, or science fiction space explorers, or aliens, or anything beyond all that! i wanna know how many space furs are out there. my fursona is rooted a lot in 80's-90's SF anime with some vague influence from your usual nostalgic...
  13. Kosmo Kittypup

    Favorite Christmas Song

    gotta be last christmas!
  14. Kosmo Kittypup

    How many trans furries are on the forum

    trans dude here!! there's a ton of us!
  15. Kosmo Kittypup

    Your fursona goes to a cafe...

    just so you know, kosmo would gladly hang out with any of you folks at the cafe! ♥