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    Religion in the Furry Community

    Buddhist in that I believe in the concepts it promotes of compassion, mindfulness, meditation, karma etc. Of course, these concepts could really come about from anywhere, religion or not, buddhism just happened to be the vessel I jumped on to get across the river. Other ideas, like...
  2. Krysch

    What do you think about the yiff side of the fandom?

    No problem with it existing, but in terms of being exposed to it, or porn/nudity in general, im a genophobe, so i find it at best makes me incredibly uncomfortable, if not outright "aahhhh, run away" panicky.
  3. Krysch

    Harbinger's freaky ass pets

    Mantids are pretty amazing, good luck for the exhibition
  4. Krysch

    How do you wear your hair?

    Wash, dry roughly with towel and walk out door, however it happens to fall, or just bed hair when I don't wash it. When it gets long enough that it starts growing over my eyes I cut it somewhat shorter... I'm lazy with my hair
  5. Krysch

    Are my friends lightweights or am I a freak?

    Used to love mixing soft drinks and spirits, now I just like Umeshu
  6. Krysch

    What's the story behind your fursona's name?

    I don't google them though, I just muddle together some letters till they sound right.
  7. Krysch

    Are my friends lightweights or am I a freak?

    On a side note, did you have any reaction at all, especially several hours+ after, dehydration even?
  8. Krysch

    Are my friends lightweights or am I a freak?

    Myself, I can handle a dozen or so shots of spirits like vodka/rum/whisky etc. and be fine, have a lucid conversation, walk straight, everything else; but on the other hand, only two or three drinks with bubbles in them, and im bouncing off the walls like a psycho. I think largely it does come...
  9. Krysch

    What's the story behind your fursona's name?

    My name, and names I come up with in general usually just boil down to me sitting down and something popping into my head that feels right, nothing much more than that. I do seem to have a tendency towards the letter K for starting names though.
  10. Krysch

    Would you tell your child anything about being a furry?

    If they have there own interest in it, why not tell them, if they don't show an interest, then there's no need. I see no reason to explain an interest to someone unless they have or consider taking it up.
  11. Krysch

    Just think....

    I only make chocolate, I don't eat it :)
  12. Krysch

    things you just dont understand

    I guess i also dont understand drugs... :)
  13. Krysch

    things you just dont understand

    Also, why my avatar seems to make people think of drugs.... that one still eludes me.
  14. Krysch

    things you just dont understand

    Tips are great when they are an optional for exceptional service, and not a necessary and implied part of a minimum wage. OT, A question that was posed today, no particular context, "What is?", not referring to anything in particular, just "What is?"
  15. Krysch

    Bird fursuit that glides?

    Until you understand a wingsuit well enough to design your own, probably best not to postulate on how you could modify one... In terms of a head, if your gliding far above ground, wouldn't it perhaps be a minor issue, the lack of visibility that wearing a suit head would give?