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Krystal Harmonia

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  • I was referring to marching lol. Like when you have a show and dots...? nevermind, i'm just being stupid.

    Also, I'm the same height as you and weigh just under 170.
    I think it might just be I'm fat, though.
    Been going online for the last few days but never see ya'. What's on your mind? D:
    I'd have to do it later tonight. I'm at school right now, but we can talk on Skype.
    Cutie mark, color scheme, things of that nature. Though, I just realized that your profile pic here pretty much sums up the color scheme, lmao.
    (PM reply so we don't flood each others pages). Interesting, I'm a full-time percussionist and I have done both. Our concert bands are separated into 3 levels of 186 people in total. I was the lowest level freshman year, but I'll be starting sophomore year in the top band. I was in a Jazz Band, but due to grades, Mom had me pull it. I hope to come back as a saxophone my junior year, as long as the scheduling for Jazz next year isn't difficult to work with. Are you the center quad?
    D00D i'm quints as well. Actually, i also used to play bari as well. Hmm. Of course, i bet you weren't ever in the pit :p
    And here i was thinking i was the only one. YAY, what instrument, independent line or school line? And since winter season hasn't started, i assume this line is part of a band/corp?
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