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Krystal Harmonia

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  • I very rarely use the actual skype, I' more of an MSN person. I just started using skype as something else than a team-speaking aid during online gaming since people from here added me.
    That's alright, I just built my new gaming rig, and I'll have to start installing n transferring stuff to that soon as I get a new monitor and windows 7
    We were going to Canada, specifically Vernon, and after we crossed the border, my parents were like "Let's stop at Abbotsford to eat". I didn't know, and I was like "Damn, I could've hung out with Harmonia if I'dve planned!" :(
    Though it's technically noon right now, I'll accept your greeting because I just woke up so as far as I'm concerned it's still morning ^^
    My internet was being completely unreasonable, and my phone Skype wasn't any better ¬.¬ Everything seems to be in general order now...at least so it seems. XD
    I'm actually going to commence my day-long trip back to Dubai, but when I'm back I'm almost always on steam.
    No, I should really set one up. :C
    Only thing I really have is mIRC.
    I dont talk too well there though, I never know what to say. ;-;
    It took forever to choose a species because I'm in the middle of my finals and I feel bad coming to this forum every day knowing I should be spending my time studying and it makes me feel guilty so I just procrastinate on all my furry stuff and I'm soooooo pathetic :(
    Pedantic bear is kinda a nickname to me.
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